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To destroy is also a creative act. Consider the joy of children — bulldozing buildings, Godzilla on cities, etc:

The sculptor

For example, the sculptor as making art by CHIPPING AWAY or DESTROYING some of the marble, in order to uncover the hidden beautiful statue within.

Or consider the skill it takes to demolish buildings. You don’t just put a bunch of TNT; you gotta plan it in a very creative way.

After destruction, there is thriving.

Beirut has burnt to the ground (7?) times, and like a phoenix, rose again from the ashes (stronger each time). Cities seem to be the same– you burn it down, and it becomes stronger than before. Consider the great growth after the great fire in San Francisco in the late 1800’s. New Orleans has also had huge economic growth after Hurricane Katrina.

In praise of deleting

To delete is also a creative act. Delete old stuff in order for you to create again anew!



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