Review of SR+ Mode on Fujifilm XF10

I’m testing the SR+ Mode on the Fujifilm XF10 and I dig it! Some of my real thoughts:

The basic idea of SR+ Mode is like iA (intelligent auto) mode on Lumix cameras (like the LX100 or G9): your camera optimizes your camera settings to help you make nice photos without thinking about the technical settings.

Jpeg only

When you shoot in SR+ Mode, you don’t have the option of shoot g RAW. Which is fine, because the JPEG images it makes look great!

Film simulation xf10

I’m very impressed that SR+ (I think it stands for “scene recognition”) exposes the scenes well, and makes very pleasing colors with the ddfislt color “provia” setting. Hats off to the computational science team at Fujifilm.

Simplified shooting

Sunset on SR+ Mode. Really nice colors!

To be honest, autofocus on the Fujifilm XF10 (and in SR+ Mode) sucks. But all things considered, I still like shooting in SR+ Mode, because it allows me to think less about technical settings. I just point, frame, and shoot!

Street photography on SR+ Mode

Processing jpeg photos shot on SR+ Mode on iPad

SR+ Mode is a bit slow for autofocus, but good enough for street photography. The flash on XF10 in SR+ Mode works well; and I practiced shooting street photography at the mall with it and had fun!

Fujifilm XF10 on SR+ Mode. Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Portrait shooting

Xf10 and SR+ mode. Processed with VSCO with n1 preset

The JPEG files on the xf10 shot on sr+ mode, processed in VSCO + iPad, look great.

I think as photographers we sometimes forget that yes, we can process jpeg files! You don’t need to just shoot raw. In some ways, RAW further complicates our photographic workflow. Whenever possible, I will always prefer the simplicity of JPEG over RAW.

Monochrome on xf10

Black and white on XF10

Monochrome also looks great on xf10:


selfie with xf10

If you want a good camera for everyday shooting, XF10 is for you.

Considering that I’m a fan of SR+ mode on XF10, I think the XF10 is starting to slightly out-edge the RICOH GR II.

If you want to shoot more everyday, or just want a simple everyday camera, buy a XF10 and try experimenting shooting it in SR+ mode. If you don’t like it, just return it and try out a RICOH GR II (read my comparison review).

Accessories for XF10

Current setup: Fujifilm XF10, SR+ Mode, ERIC KIM WRIST STRAP MARK II
  • ERIC KIM WRIST STRAP (compatible with XF10, because it has a special string loop), which is 100x more sexy than the default XF10 strap.
  • ERIC KIM CASE: Fits XF10, and spots for 2x SD CARD SLOTS.


Cindy shot on XF10, SR+ mode, Processed with VSCO with x1 preset
Cindy shot on XF10, SR+ mode, Processed with VSCO with x1 preset

I think the ultimate aim we have as photographer is this:

Don’t really think or worry about your camera, equipment, etc. Let us fall into the joyful ecstasy of just making photos!

This means shoot without thinking; photograph what brings you joy!