Fujifilm XF10 vs Ricoh GR II Review

Thanks to my buddy Aaron Fesser for hooking it up with the new Fijfill XF10. Is it good enough to dethrone the RICOH GR II? Here are my thoughts:

Both look more similar than dissimilar

Quick thoughts:

  1. Both are about the same size. Good thing about XF10 is that when you turn on the camera, the front lens doesn’t extend.
  2. Both cameras feel quite premium. The thumb grip on XF10 feels more solid than Ricoh.
  3. I wish the XF10 had the same button to pop-up the flash like the Ricoh. Unfortunately you have to go through a stupid function menu to access the flash for XF10, and you still need to toggle through the menu every time you want to use the flash.
  4. Both have very good image quality.
  5. The menus and user interface for the Ricoh is better. You can change the settings quicker and more intuitively with Fujifilm.
  6. Surprisingly, I think the positive film color preset has a better aesthetic than the XF10 jpeg presets. But I will experiment more with this.
  7. RAW files on XF10 process well. Makes good photos with ERIC KIM PRESETS.
  8. Both cameras are superb.

Photos shot on xf10

Photos in RAW processed with ERIC KIM MONOCHROME 1600

Xf10 photos in color

Shot in RAW, processed with ERIC KIM CHROMA PRESETS

Which camera is better?

Honestly they’re both about the same. Practical tips:

  1. If you already have a GR II, don’t buy XF10
  2. If you don’t have a point and shoot camera yet, buy a RICOH GR II instead (ergonomics and user interface are still superior)
  3. If you don’t have RICOH GR II, but like the Fujifilm system, get XF10.

My RICOH GR II is currently semi-broken, so I will experiment more with XF10 and keep you updated with my thoughts.

Video comparison


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