ERIC KIM Wrist Strap Mark II

$ 79

ERIC KIM WRIST STRAP MARK II: Available here in the HAPTIC SHOP in limited quantities.

Mark II edition includes: Solid brass components, durable and robust leather, minimalist updated design.

ERIC KIM WRIST STRAP is your minimalist companion on the streets reminding you to JUST SHOOT IT.

Handmade from durable 100% artisinal leather, your strap will wear beautifully over time on your photography adventures.

Designed for any camera that you would like to have ready in your hand but works best with compact cameras, rangefinders, film cameras. It fits the Ricoh GR, Fujifilm (XF10, X-Pro series, X100-series, etc), Micro 4/3rds cameras (Olympus, Panasonic, etc). It is perfectly designed for small cameras with the loop attachment such as the Ricoh GR II and Fujifilm XF10.

Rather than mass produced, ERIC KIM STRAP is handmade in small, limited edition batches in order to preserve a superb level of craftsmanship, artistry and quality.

HAPTIC Mission: We support honest and beautiful work with respectful wages to our artists, artisans, and collaborators.

Read the story behind each strap to find the perfect strap for your photography adventures!


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