FREE PDF Visualization: 30 Inspirational New Year’s Photography Resolutions

30 Inspirational New Year’s Photography Resolutions: Kick off your photography with a fresh new start with this new FREE PDF Visualization by Annette KIM.


Also see the resolutions below:

  1. Don’t leave the camera without your camera on your neck/wrist. (Henri Neck Strap / Henri Wrist Strap)

  2. Only use one camera, one lens for the year. (I recommend RICOH GR II)

  3. Worry less about gear: only shoot with your phone for a month.

  4. Only shoot film for a month (pick up a copy of FILM NOTES)

  5. If you shoot in black and white, only shoot color for a year (and vice-versa)

  6. Experiment making underexposed dramatic photos at -1/-2 exposure compensation. Also try overexposed photos at +1/+2 exposure compensation.

  7. Only shoot at one arm length away for an entire month (.7 meter challenge)

  8. Seek to simplify yet also make your photos more dynamic. (dynamic composition)

  9. Shoot only in JPEG for a year not to worry about post-processing, and to focus more on shooting.

  10. Buy a good photo book for yourself at least once a month.

  11. Study one master photographer every week. Also buy book: “MASTERS

  12. Make photos more like a child. Don’t take yourself/your photos too seriously.

  13. Shoot at least one artistic selfie of yourself everyday for a year. #HONORTHYSELFIE

  14. Do more personal photos by taking pictures of your loved ones: your kids, partner, friends, coworkers, and your parents. (learn more in PHOTO JOURNAL)

  15. Make one photo album of your family (on 4×6 prints). I recommend printing on

  16. Look at all your photos and make a set of your 10 most epic photos.

  17. Upload your best photos to Flickr and enable full-resolution downloads. (ERIC KIM FLICKR)

  18. Make your own photography blog. and are recommended.

  19. Treat photography as walking meditation. Value photography as important to your mental health (PHOTO THERAPY).

  20. Make a PDF ebook of your photos and share it for free. (FREE ERIC KIM EBOOKS)

  21. Make your own photography YouTube channel.

  22. Make a video slideshow of your favorite videos, add music to it, and upload it to YouTube.

  23. Rebrand yourself as a “visual artist“. Learn to draw, paint, and create other forms of visual art. (Learn to draw in CREATIVE EVERY DAY).

  24. Photograph your morning commute everyday for 3 months. Edit it down to your best 12 pictures and publish it as a series.

  25. Have one small exhibition show at a local coffee shop with 5 prints.

  26. Sell 1 print of your work for $99.

  27. Plan one international photography travel adventure for yourself (see upcoming ERIC KIM EXPERIENCES)

  28. Don’t compare yourself to other photographers to overcome disappointment.

  29. Delete Instagram for a month to focus on making photos only for yourself.

  30. For a year, only make photos that put a smile on your face.



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Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for Street Photography Series

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Newest Visualization: Introduction to Composition in Photography
Newest visualization: Zen of Eric, on Life, Photography, Art, and Work

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Leonardo da Vinci’a “Vitruvian Man.”

The camera embodies the vision of the ‘ideal’ camera based on the rules of architecture and design:

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