eric kim street photography - storyboard

Eric Kim Presets

eric kim street photography - storyboard
With “Eric Kim Monochrome 1600” preset on Ricoh GR II

Dear friends,

As a gift, download Eric Kim Lightroom Presets 2017 (my newest free collection of Lightroom Presets).


eric kim street photography hanoi-0003676 silhouette lake
Hanoi, 2017 / Photographed with the Ricoh GR II + Eric Kim Monochrome 1600 Preset

The presets are a work in progress, and designed to simulate the look of film. I was trying to make my digital photos look like my film photos, and all the presets I personally use.

The preset I use all the time is the “Eric Kim Monochrome 1600” high-contrast black and white preset. It is optimized for the Ricoh GR II.

When I shoot color, I use the Eric Kim Color 1600 Preset (also optimized for Ricoh GR, but should work ok on any camera).

Also included are some older presets, in-case you want to use them, edit them, remix them, or mess around with them:

  • Eric Kim Color 1600
  • Eric Kim Neopan 1600
  • Eric Kim Portra
  • Eric Kim Ricoh Portra
  • Eric Kim Tri-X 1600

Instructions to Install Presets

  1. Open up Lightroom
  2. Go in the “Develop” module (hotkey “D”)
  3. Under the “Presets” drop-down menu (bottom-left) right-click (or on Mac, control+click) and click “Import…” and then select your presets from your “Downloads” folder
  4. Apply to your image

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