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Here are my personal quotes in life, which have helped me live a more fulfilling, epic, and turbo life:

  1. It is better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission“. Don’t wait for others to nod their head, before you pursue a creative project or concept you have!
  2. 80% good enough and hit publish“. Perfection doesn’t exist, nor is it desirable. You’re always learning and in a state of flux, and you’re constantly evolving. Therefore don’t let “paralysis by analysis” hold you back. Produce something that you consider 80% “good enough” in your own eyes, then hit publish! My personal tip: If there’s 1 other human being in the world you can benefit from your photos, writing, video, art, etc, you’re doing them a disservice by not publishing!
  3. The rolling stone gathers no moss“. Saying from philosopher Publilius Syrus (from 2,000 years ago). Keep moving, and you won’t stagnate. Never stop innovating, never stop making new stuff, and never put any speedometer limit to your creative output!
  4. Tomorrow is never“. When living your life, realize that whatever you procrastinate until tomorrow you will never do. And that’s okay, there are some things worth not doing. My suggestion is to purposefully procrastinate on stuff that isn’t important to you, and treat everyday like you were going to die in your sleep tonight. This will help you stay focused on what is truly important to you.
  5. When in doubt, click“. When shooting photos, when you see a photo opportunity that even has a 1% chance of being a good photo, JUST SHOOT IT! You can always ditch the photo later. If you’re not sure whether you should keep or ditch your photo, upload it to http://ARSBETA.COM for honest feedback.

If you’re hungry to learn more philosophy, I suggest:

  1. Seneca “On the Shortness of Life” to learn how to stay focused in life, by realizing how short and fleeting life is.

  2. Marcus Aurelius “The Meditations”: how to live an honorable, magnanimous life.

  3. Antifragile by Nassim Taleb: Learn how to thrive from stress, pain, and offsets in life.

  4. “The Will to Power” by Nietzsche: Become your own superman, and take the power in your own hands!

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