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Why Uniqueness in Photography is Overrated


Dear friends,

A quick turbo thought to start the week:

Being unique in photography is overrated.

It doesn’t matter whether you shoot with a unique camera, whether your subject matter is unique, or your project idea is unique. What matters more is whether you truly LOVE what you photograph, and whether your photography is self-motivated (autotelic) or not.

Why Uniqueness in Photography is Overrated


Why Uniqueness in Photography is Overrated

On becoming self-motivated with your photography

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Quick thought —

Shoot what you love, and that which brings you joy, and everything else will follow.

For example, photograph your family. Photograph selfies of yourself. Photograph your hobbies and passion. Photograph your everyday life.

And what is the best way to share your photos? Your self-hosted website and blog. You can also start a YouTube channel and just create iMovie slideshows of your photos. Another idea — make PDF ‘e-zines’ of your work, and share the open source PDF’s with friends and family. For example some E-ZINE’s I have made:

And what is the purpose of sharing? The reason is simple —

If the photos bring you joy, and there is even a 1% chance that it brings joy to someone else, it is worth sharing!

Some personal photography project ideas

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  1. Start your own ‘Cindy project‘: Photographing your loved ones matters more than photographing strangers. Photograph your own lover, and photograph them with great tenderness and love.
  2. Photograph your child(red): If you got kids, photograph them. The inspiration behind my Son (아들) Aduel Project (or just the SENECA project). Funny enough, if you want more motivation for your photography, having a kid might be the ultimate impetus. Also photographing pregnancy of Cindy and waiting for Seneca.
  3. Your own city neighborhood project: It doesn’t matter how boring it is. In some ways, making interesting photos of a boring city or neighborhood takes more skill and guts than photographing an already interesting city.

For more inspirational ideas, check out STREET NOTES Mobile Edition and STREET NOTES PRINT EDITION.

Also check out these free photography PDF Visualizations by HAPTIC PRESS.

To continue these turbo thoughts, read: What if Striving to Be Unique is a Trap?


Re-spark your passion for street photography:

What I’m up to

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  1. Listening to DONDA Kanye West leak (I love it). Insanely inspirational and great beats.
  2. Watched INFINITE (2021); fun visual inspiration and motivation. Also re-watching the film 300.
  3. Reading: Will to Power by Nietzsche (Penguin)
  4. Thinking: Thinking about how to become ‘healthier’ to motivate myself to do more creative work. The importance of creative physiology. Kettlebell as the greatest investment I’ve made to become more creatively productive at home.
  5. Thinking more about the philosophy of aesthetics and design in general.

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