Self-Assured Design

A random thought I had one driving, and seeing a matte black Mercedes coupe: it seems that the design is very self-assured. This means, it doesn’t desire to follow trends, and its content into itself. Compare this with other car brands, like Audi or BMW, in which is always trying so hard to impress others and always uncertain of its own design language.

Certainly at the end of the day assurance and self assurance should not be predicated on the car you drive or the things your own. But perhaps a more important thing is for you to become self-assured. This is, assured into yourself without always having to look over your shoulders and see whether others are watching.

If we take this further to art and art work, perhaps our real goal as artists is to become more self-assured in our personal artworks and creations. That is, we don’t need others to tell us whether our artwork is good or not. Rather, we simply share artworks because we love it, and the small chance to others might like it too, makes it worth sharing.