Dear friend,

If you are hungry for an epic street photography adventure and experience, I cordially invite you to my upcoming ADVANCED DOWNTOWN LA STREET PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP (Saturday, September 11, 2021):

Is this workshop right for me?

downtown ERIC KIM la-sweat-hand-scaled

Why is this an ‘advanced’ workshop? Because I desire to advance *YOU*.

If you feel stagnant with your street photography, or you want that triple-shot of creative motivation, this workshop is for you.

The only requirements for this workshop is a personal hunger for you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, to try new techniques and approaches, an open mind, and a passion for street photography.

What you will learn

Downtown LA, 2016 contact sheet.

A simple list of some things we will cover in the workshop:

  1. How to conquer your fears in street photography: How to get closer to your subjects, how to ‘work the scene’ in street photography, and how to defuse potential conflicts with your subjects in street photography.
  2. Advanced street photography composition techniques: How to layer your subjects with deep depth, how to predict the decisive moment *before* it happens, and how to evoke stronger emotions from your photos.
  3. The best way to walk and approach the streets to increase your ‘keeper’ rate, and how to increase your visual acuity when shooting street photography.
  4. Creative ideas on how to cross-pollinate your street photography creativity with other forms of visual arts.
  5. How to see and think like a visual artist, not just a photographer.
  6. How to create more dramatic street photographs by controlling the light (whether exposure-compensation, with a flash, or playing with the light).
  7. Chiaroscuro (clear and obscure photography composition technique and approach)
  8. How to approach and interact with strangers in street photography (street portrait techniques, how to direct your subject, or have them be more candid with you).
  9. How to see more street photography opportunities (expanding your creative canvas in street photography).
  10. The opportunity for you to define (and re-define) what street photography is for you.

There is only one ‘City of Angels

eric kim street photography - the city of angels - black and white-3-pinnochio-shadow-downtown-la

Out of all the cities in the world which is dearest to my heart for street photography, it is Downtown LA. Why? It is where I first got my feet wet in street photography, and I know it like the back of my hand.

I also see Downtown LA as one of the ultimate creative playgrounds. A great mix of Art Deco (Blade Runner was filmed in the Bradbury building), perhaps a random chance to visit the new Downtown LA Apple store, the great mix of the local Mexican community (Santee Alley), and the beautiful broad streets of Broadway and Main Street.

downtown la ERIC KIM

Thus I see Downtown LA as a great place to come visit (I recommend flying out to LA, spending a few days or nights here at a cool hipster AirBnb in Downtown LA, or staying at the local epic ACE HOTEL (only currently ~150 USD a night). Thus come to this workshop simply to have the chance to experience and shoot Downtown LA. Lots of cheap fights on Google Flights,, or Southwest at the moment.

This workshop is also an ideal location if you’re in California (a quick flight or drive from Nor-Cal), if you’re in Southern California (LA or Orange County) or even the Valley.

Downtown LA, 2019 street portrait

Intense and fun

selfie downtown la couple fur fun

What is my personal priority for you in this workshop?

For you to learn and have fun.

I very much believe in this notion of ‘taking your play very seriously’. Street photography is our visual play and joy. There is no better investment than to spend the money on your learning, your growth, development, and taking your street photography to the next level.

Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Downtown LA, 2016 laughing girl hand

I shoot street photography and teach these workshops because it is my passion. I also believe that ‘when one teaches, two learn’. I believe I have as much to learn from *YOU* as you have to learn from me. Furthermore, joining and becoming part of a like-minded community of fellow streettogs is what makes this workshop so meaningful and great. Many of my past workshop attendees have now become life-long friends and fellow creative collaborators.

Thus if after attending the workshop you are not 100% satisfied with the workshop experience, just let me know and I will give you a 100% of your money back. Why do I offer this? Because I got soul in the game. It hurts my pride if you attend the workshop and you don’t have a great time, and if you don’t learn something new. This also gives me a personal motivation to truly hustle hard to ensure you get the best possible workshop experience.

hearts downtown la street photography portrait

Don’t miss your decisive moment!

Downtown LA,2012 Kodak portra 35mm film ERIC KIM

Now that I got a kid, I am traveling a lot less, and teaching a lot fewer workshops. If you got a camera which is collecting dust on your shelf or somewhere in your bag, and you are hungry and itching to flex and build your street photography muscles, don’t miss your chance to attend this workshop.

Secure your spot

Side tattoo face. Downtown LA, 2015 Ricoh gr ii

The best investment is in experiences, not stuff. And the best investment is not in speculative external things, but yourself. Invest in yourself, your personal growth, and your personal self-development as a street photographer and visual artist.

Only 12 spots in this workshop. Secure your spot below:

Investment: 900 USD:

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Once you submit your tuition, your spot in the workshop is secure. A week prior to the workshop, you will receive a personal email from me with logistical details (where to meetup).

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  • Location: Downtown LA (Close-by ACE HOTEL in Downtown LA)
  • Date: September 11, 2021 (Saturday)
  • Time: 11am-5pm
  • Student cap: 12 passionate streettogs
  • What to bring to the workshop: Your camera and lens (preferably small and compact, wide-angle prime if possible) or whatever camera you want to practice with and get better. Bring your Leica M or rangefinder (or Fujifilm camera, RICOH GR) camera if you want to practice manual focusing, or any other technical details. Also bring a flash if you want to practice flash street photography. And of course an appetite for strong coffee and fun!

Super pumped to have you!


Don’t miss out

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Spots will fill quick. Don’t miss your chance to take your street photography to the next level. Be one of the 12 and secure your spot below:

Investment: 900 USD:

PayPal buy now button

Once you submit your tuition, your spot in the workshop is secure. A week prior to the workshop, you will receive a personal email from me with logistical details (where to meetup).

If you are having issues with the Buy Now button above, you can submit your tuition here.