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Recursive Photography Editing

Recursive photo editing — this means:

As you shoot new photos and create new photo albums, every once in a while go back to all the older photos, and make a newer (tighter) edit of your old photos, and make a new album of them.

For example, when looking back at the photos of the birth of Seneca, I created 7 photo albums (Sen v1-Sen v7). I then imported all these photos into Lightroom Classic (add photos), and then re-edited the photos.

Then I exported it into a ‘new’ folder (Sen v8) which is a tighter edit of all the previous edits I made (from v1-v7):

Never stop editing

Then the general concept is this:

Keep making new photos, keep editing them, but keep re-editing older photos, and continually distill your photos, your portfolio, and your photo stream!



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