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Why Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and All Meat is Good for You (The Redder, the Better)

In praise of meat, cholesterol, saturated fat, red meats, etc:

How to get your testosterone up

How I eat

Easy — consume more red fatty meat (steak). Also consume much bone marrow and beef fat. Even apparently the epic Greek hero Achilles was fed bone marrow when he was a child.

Simply put, the more fatty red meat you consume, the higher your testosterone. And testosterone is the first driver (primum mobile) for muscular growth.

Bad for the environment but good for you.

Intermittent fasting, lifting heavy stuff, and eating a lot of meat (towards a more carnivorous diet)— this is good. Good if you want to augment your muscle mass (skeletal muscle mass) and decrease or keep low your body fat (adipose tissue).

Flesh is good.

In many traditional societies they don’t see fish or chicken as meat. Meat (flesh, carne) literally means “blood, red, flesh). Thus in simple terms:

The more red blood from your food and meat, the better.