Why RICOH GR III is the Best Camera

RICOH GR III as currently the best camera on the market, and the best camera made (thus far).

Why? Let me explain:

1. Phenomenal image quality and aesthetics of images.

I have never used a camera with photos that came out so sharp (no anti aliasing filter), so much dynamic range, and with so much great resolution.

Crop daughter hand

Even these 100% cropped images look phenomenal:

2. Controls, menu, ergonomics

Espresso Ricoh GR III coffee

The controls and ergonomics of RICOH GR III as perfect:

  1. Extremely small, fits in your front pocket.
  2. Extremely light.
  3. Very comfortable to hold in your hand for extended periods of time.
  4. Menus are simple yet comprehensive.
  5. Great LCD screen in all viewing conditions.
  6. Simple and timeless design.
  7. Very easy and quick to change settings (like exposure, filter type) with the simple thumb switch.

Menus are 1000x better than Sony and Fujifilm. Smaller and more compact than Leica Q2 or Leica M10.

3. Extremely fast and accurate autofocus

Portland light street photography

No missing of decisive moments in street photography. Faster and more accurate than Fujfilm X100F.

No more need for zone focusing or manual focusing.

4. Delicious food photos

Of course, obligatory food photos. Shot on positive film JPEG preset for RICOH GR III. Look at the food textures:

5. Epic macro abilities


The RICOH GR III can focus insanely close, making it optimal for macro photography. The upside of macro photography: more photo opportunities!

  • Peacock
  • Leaf

6. Price

$890 USD new for RICOH GR III as the best bang for the buck. Better value than iPhone Pro ($999).

7. LCD > Viewfinder

I believe LCD is superior than a viewfinder (optical or electric) for photography:

  1. Ability to shoot super low angle photos, or super high angle photos.
  2. More accurate framing (LCD as more accurate than rangerfinder optical viewfinder like LEICA M camera).

In the context of street photography, using LCD to shoot is far faster than using a viewfinder (in terms of a “quick draw”Cowboy-esque perspective).

If you have a neck strap (ERIC KIM NECK STRAP or HENRI NECK STRAP), the distance of the camera moves less before you shoot when using LCD than using viewfinder. For example with RICOH GR III, I have my camera at around chest level, and assuming my camera is already on, I don’t need to move the camera before hitting the shutter. With a viewfinder camera (like a Leica M), I need to move the camera from my chest to my eye in order to shoot.

The upside:

  1. Shooting faster
  2. Shooting with less hesitation and fear
  3. Fewer missed photo moments and opportunities.

Conclusion: Just buy it.

Long story short, just buy the RICOH GR III. If you don’t like it, just return it. Probably best to buy on Amazon or BHPHOTO.

Also, I’m a huge fan of the RICOH GR III and 21mm hyper wide adapter. You can buy the wide adapter kit in BHPHOTO (where I bought mine).