Why the RICOH GR III is Better than the Leica Q2

Currently the RICOH GR III is the best ‘standalone’ digital camera on the market. Superior to all competitors, including Leica Q2.

1. Size matters

I am convinced:

No matter how ‘good’ a camera is, as long as it is big and you cannot carry it with you everywhere you go, it is useless.

RICOH GR III. This photograph is pure art to me.
RICOH GR III x 21mm Adapter

2. In praise of 21mm

Leica Q2 is a great camera, but the 28mm is a bit constraining. I think 21mm [Ricoh GR III with 21mm adapter] is far more fun to shoot when compared to 28mm.

Los Angeles, 2019 #ricohgriii #21mm
Los Angeles, 2019 #ricohgriii #21mm

3. Superior monochrome

The JPEG high contrast black and white mode on RICOH GR III is pure art. Sublime blacks, phenomenal highlight protection. The dynamic range in RICOH GR III blows me away.

Closeup my hand and calluses

4. Price

money flowers

RICOH GR III is $899, whereas Leica Q2 is $4995.

Even the 21mm Ricoh GR III conversion lens [$249] and adapter [$49] only equals $300 [for a 21mm lens!]

So assuming you got the RICOH GR III and the 21mm adapter, the total price is only $1200. Compare that to the Leica Q2 — the price difference is $3,800 USD.

I would rather take that $3,800 and buy some meat, coffee, and travel [buy experiences, not gear].

5. Use your money towards traveling and new experiences

flight airline

Assuming a round-trip ticket internationally is ~$1,000 USD, you can get almost 4 round-trip flights with $3800. I have always encouraged this — but buying experiences is the best thing you can do for your happiness and artistic growth.

Any equipment [even buying a RICOH GRIII] will eventually lose its charm. But having NEW EXPERIENCES and making NEW PHOTOS will bring you more joy.

6. Sharpness

Both Leica Q2 and RICOH GRIII doesn’t have anti-aliasing filter [means the photos are sharper]. But to be honest, I cannot see much of a difference between sharpness on RICOH GR III photos and Leica Q2 photos.

7. RICOH GR III looks cooler.

The Leica Q2 is a beautiful camera, but honestly — I think the RICOH GR III looks cooler. All matte black everything.

From a pure aesthetics perspective, a black paint film Leica MP looks 100x more beautiful than a Leica Q2 [also the black paint Leica M brasses beautifully over time, wabi sabi aesthetics].

8. Make the choice for yourself

Higher price doesn’t mean ‘better’. RICOH MAFIA for life.

selfie ricoh



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