The Ricoh GR III is Insanely Great

The more I use RICOH GR III and look at the images (on iPad Pro), the more I’m blown away.

How can a camera be this good?

Espresso Ricoh GR III coffee

First of all, the image quality is beyond phenomenal. The amount of image quality, sharpness, dynamic range is mind blowing. Especially when I look at the photos 100%— the monochrome high contrast JPEG photos look sublime. The ultimate monochrome camera and aesthetics BY FAR!

21mm is great.

I got the 21mm adapter for RICOH GR III, and I don’t think I can go back to 28mm.

Why? 21mm opens a totally brand new world. And it’s insane — the 21mm adapter on RICOH GR III practically has no distortion (the lines are straight and photos don’t look like a fisheye). I’ve personally been having so much fun experimenting with novel angles and perspectives, and letting my creativity loose! So much fun.

Everyday life photography

The best photos are of your everyday life. RICOH GR III perfectly integrates into your life— the least friction for a stand-alone digital camera.


RICOH GR III is hyper stealth. When shooting street photography with it, nobody really notices. Maybe because it is so small and unobtrusive?

Try it out for yourself.

I can keep on raving on about RICOH GR III and 21mm adapter. My suggestion — try it out for yourself. If you don’t like it, just return it. If you love it, then creatively thrive and flourish, and never stop making new photos which intoxicate you with Dionysian sweetness!

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