RICOH GR III 10x Better than iPhone Pro for Photography

I tested the new iPhone Pro today (wondering if it could replace RICOH GR III as my camera), but alas– I rate the RICOH GR III still at least 10x better than the iPhone Pro for photography.

Thus my practical suggestions:

  1. If you have an iPhone X or iPhone Xs, but you already have a RICOH GR III, Fujifilm X100F, Leica M, or even a RICOH GR II, I wouldn’t suggest getting the iPhone Pro for photography.
  2. RICOH GR III is only marginally bigger than iPhone (GR III fits in your front pocket and practically featherlight), yet the image quality, aesthetics of the photos, functionality and power is still (more than) 10x stronger than iPhone Pro.
  3. More fun and interesting than the ultra wide setting on iPhone Pro (and 11) is RICOH GR III with 21mm adapter (the image quality on ultra wide angle lens for iPhone Pro/11 isn’t as good as the main iPhone “normal wide” camera).
  4. If you want to upgrade your camera and have around $1000 lying around, invest in RICOH GR III (and 21mm adapter) instead of iPhone Pro.

Perhaps we should be less distracted by the “new new” devices coming out, and just focus on making our artwork and creative stuff. I also think:

No matter how good the iPhone becomes, it will never be better for making photos than a RICOH GR.

So if you’re a proud member of the #ricohmafia, don’t let the iPhone and Apple, Fuji, Leica, Sony stuff distract you. Just focus on shooting, innovating with your photos and compositions, travel more, take more daring photos, and live more!


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