Bang for the Buck Economics

More impressive saving money… or more impressive getting more bang for the buck.

For example:

  1. RICOH GR III: The performance for the price is phenomenal ($899)
  2. iPad: Essentially a computer for only $330!!
  3. Google Pixel 3 A: A brand new smartphone for only $399!
  4. Buying cars, electronics, or anything digital used or refurbished. Massive savings on anything 1-3+ older (consider buying a refurbished iPhone or MacBook Pro for maximal savings, or even a used Tesla).

Or with lifestyle:

  1. Starbucks cold brew coffee (no water, no ice). Essentially feels like 10 shots of espresso in a small cup. I often only drink 1/8-1-4th the cup, and save it for the next morning or day. Cold brew as a superior “bang for the buck” even when compared to drip coffee or espresso.
  2. Shark shoes (water shoes): For $15, they’re the ultimate walking shoes and powerlifting shoes. The ultimate minimalist shoe, but FAR cheaper than the Vibram 5 fingers.
  3. Black merino wool leggings, shirt: Hyper lightweight, warm, and you can wear them everyday.
  4. Intermittent fasting during the day (no need to waste money or time on cooking breakfast or paying for lunch). Eating a massive dinner at home with crock potting pork (often less than $1.50 a pound), or cooking up eggs (a dozen for less than $1.50).

Bang for the buck as more fun, challenging, hunting, interesting.

My definition of economics is:

How to achieve more with less.

So for life, trying to figure out how to get more value from something with less money.

Therefore our simple goal:

Trying to discover new hacks to maximize living life, with minimizing cost and hassle!