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The Joy of Re-Experiencing Events through Photography

When I look through my photos, it is great– almost as if I am re-living certain life experiences (double joy from a single experience!)

PHOTO JOURNAL: Discover More Personal Meaning in Your Photography >
PHOTO JOURNAL: Discover More Personal Meaning in Your Photography >

Strengthening your memory

My idea is that photography can help strengthen your memory. Why? You can re-visit experiences from the past, and re-digest them, and re-experience them, so they can seek deeper into the recesses of your soul.

Why re-experience?

For myself, I prefer to re-experience joyful events from my past. There is actually much I would prefer NOT to re-experience from the past, and so for me– photography is an act of memory-curation (only curating the moments I care for).

This has been great– because when I look through my media library in my WordPress website/blog, I can witness lovely moments from the past, which ‘spark joy’ in my heart.

When is it good to forget?

This is the tricky thing:

We shouldn’t remember everything. How do we decide what we want to remember, and what we want to forget?

To me it is simple: keep the photos which put a smile on your face.

This means keep more photos which are personal to you (personal photography). They can be snapshots, selfies, or just documents of your everyday life.


When you’re looking through your photos, smile! You don’t gotta keep all the photos you have shot. Some photos are good as ephemeral moments. Certain moments don’t need to be kept.

Simply enjoy the process of looking through and editing/selecting your photos. Remember some, forget some, and go out and keep making new ones!



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