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The Significant Moment

Don’t seek to make “better” photos, seek to make more personally-significant photos!

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We all know the concept of “the decisive moment” from our buddy Henri Cartier-Bresson. But I think more important than a “decisive moment” is a “significant moment”.

We don’t always know what is “decisive” or not before we shoot it. But we know what is important and significant to us!

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For myself the most significant moments are with my loved ones and family. Anything which has personal significance to me — anything that puts a smile on my face is significant! And thus I photograph it, because I want to capture and record the memory, in the hope of revisiting the memory in the future!

Often a significant moment is a small detail, that will spark a memory. For example, this time Cindy and I was journaling by the Kamo River in Kyoto; reflecting on life, art, with the gentle summer breeze.

Shoot whatever you find personally meaningful to yourself. And make your photos beautiful — in your own eyes.

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There’s no ultimate set of rules in aesthetics. You determine what’s beautiful or ugly in your eyes in photography. Define your own aesthetics in photography, and shoot and create photos which you find beautiful in your own eyes!

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Personal documentary

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Photograph your own life. You’re the best subject to photograph, and your life is the best thing to photograph. Regardless of how “boring” your life may seem— just shoot it anyways!

Photograph the small joys. Like opening a ripe avocado:

Or a significant lovely moment — coffee in the morning with your loved one:

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Shoot what is personal to you

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Personal Photography

Make photos which are personal to you.


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