Do You See Yourself in Your Own Photos?

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Nowadays, I care less about pretty photos.

I care more about personal photos. Photos where I can see the soul of the photographer in their images.

Are you the only one who could have photographed that?

Do you see yourself in your own photos? Are you the only person who could have photographed that?

For example, if you travel to Paris, are you the only one who could have photographed the Eiffel tower?

If you go to India, are you the only person who could have photographed that man with the turban and long mustache?

Shoot yourself

Do you see yourself in your photos?

Do you photograph others? Or do you photograph yourself?

How to embed your soul into your photos

How do you add yourself to your photos? Some ideas:

  1. Be opinionated: I want to see your soul, your worldview, and your emotions in your photos. That means being an active participant of whatever you are photographing. That means to be opinionated. To have an opinion. Don’t take these “objective” and “detached” photos. Be bold, and show your soul in your photos.
  2. Literally shoot yourself: If you want to literally show yourself in your photos, learn how to make self-portraits or (selfies) in your photos. Shoot your shadow, reflection, or take a photograph of yourself on a tripod.
  3. Shoot with your heart: If you photograph someone else, is there true emotional or empathetic connection? When I’m shooting, I try to photograph with my heart. I try to let my heart be the radar in terms of what might be an emotional scene. And I trust my gut when I’m shooting.

Remember, your photography is a personal journey — for yourself.

Keep it personal,

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