Snapshots are the Best Shots

I desire to make a change to the culture of photography.

I propose the following:

The best shots are snapshots.

The word “snapshot” not to be used as a pejorative (insult). Instead, it being used as a term to communicate a notion of shooting something instinctively, intuitively, directly, and authentically.

To grab, snatch, seize

I like the German word “schnappen” (another iteration of the word “snap”). It means to grab, snatch, or seize.

A “snapshot” is a photograph we quickly shoot, in order to grab or immortalize a moment.

Too often we miss moments, and we fail to “seize the moment”. We must carpe photos — seize photo opportunities! We must shoot uncensored, quickly, without thinking.

Perfection as a photographer is to shoot freely, instinctively, without any self censorship.

Subconscious photography

I believe there is much wisdom in photography which is done subconsciously. We shouldn’t over analyze while we’re shooting. Or as Anders Petersen says:

Shoot from the stomach (gut), and edit (select photos) with your brain.

When you’re shooting, shoot without thinking. Let your subconscious lead you.

And later when you review your photos, then use your brain to best determine the photos you love the most.

And to conclude:

Snap on!


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