7 Tips How to Make More Interesting Street Photography

Simple tips on making more dynamic street photographs:

1. Extreme edge of frame

Have a subject on the extreme left or right of the frame exciting the frame. Shoot with wide angle lens like 28mm, and experiment shooting with flash:

2. Hand covering face

Shoot a street photograph while your subject covers their face. This makes surreal street photography.

3. Two subjects, double bookend

Subject on extreme left and extreme right (bookend composition technique).

4. Shoot a selfie with an object covering your head

5. Eye contact, holding something

This photo reminds me of Mary and Jesus (the way the little girl is holding the doll).

Photographed through a window. Note the strong eye contact.

6. Shoot with a flash

Shooting with a flash darkens the background, and draws more attention to your main subject in the frame.

For example the left photo shot with RICOH GR II and flash. Much more clarity then the left photo (no flash):

The right (non flash) photo having more visual distractions.

Left photo (with flash) is superior to the right photo (no flash).

Whenever you have the chance, always shoot a flash photo and a no flash photo. When you go home, then choose the photo you prefer.

7. Super high angle, simple background

Simplify the composition by holding your camera super high in the air, and point downwards. Simple clean concrete background, and get shadows in the scene too!

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