In Praise of Extreme Post-Processing

Perhaps as we get stronger as a visual artist, we need a stronger visual stimulus from our own photographs? Does this mean we need to post-process our photos more extremely? 

I’ve discovered for monochrome, I love extremely high contrast black and white photos. I love the “crushed blacks” aesthetics:

I realize with color photography, it is the same. I prefer an extreme aesthetic: extreme color, saturation, and false colors:

To experiment for yourself, try the following:

  1. Download ERIC KIM PRESETS, and experiment applying them to RAW or JPEG photos. My suggestion is to use these presets as a starting point, then remix them for your own uses, to make your own “look” and aesthetic. 
  2. Apply more contrast and play around with the sliders until the photos look strong and impactful to you. 
  3. Realize that your personal aesthetic tastes will change over time. Embrace this; don’t seek a consistent aesthetic for the rest of your life. 

Also recognize that there’s no “right” or “wrong” in photography. Be anti dogma, anti puritan, anti “purist” photography. 

I’m experimenting with a red-black aesthetic, which I really dig:

Never stop experimenting and innovating! 


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