HAPTIC FLASH SALE: Re-spark your passion for photography:

HAPTIC offers you 4 special and limited-edition bundles for the holiday season:

  1. The Street Adventurer >
  2. The Artist >
  3. The Film Shooter >
  4. The Digital Nomad >

For a limited time, pick up a specially designed creative bundle for you or your loved one this holiday season. Each bundle is carefully and lovingly curated to inspire your photography-artistry. Only a limited number of bundles are made and are available exclusively in the HAPTIC SHOP, so pick one up before they run out!

1. The Street Adventurer

THE STREET ADVENTURER is your call to respark your passion for street photography. In The Street Adventurer, you have everything you need to jumpstart your passion for street photography– to always have your camera with yourself (Henri Neck Strap) as well as having practical street photography assignments to push you outside of your comfort zone (print editions of Street Notes + Street Hunt):

  • Retail price: 127 USD
  • Bundled Discount: 99 USD
  • Limited to 10 bundles

Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

What is included in the Street Adventurer:

  1. Henri Neck Strap
  2. Street Notes
  3. Street Hunt

Order The Street Adventurer Bundle in the HAPTIC SHOP > (limited-edition of 10 bundles)

2. The Artist

THE ARTIST is your calling to develop your inner-artist. We have bundled the ERIC KIM PORTFOLIO BAG for you to carry your camera, iPad, and artistic notebooks. Also included is the print edition of CREATIVE EVERY DAY and a limited-edition HAPTIC Art Notebook. The Artist package will engage of all your kinesthetic abilities. Don’t just take photos, make photos! Write, sketch, wonder, dream, and explore.

  • Retail price:  403USD
  • Bundled Discount: 299 USD
  • Limited to: 3 bundles

Tap into Your Inner-Artist

Respark your inner-artist with:

  3. Limited-edition HAPTIC Art Notebook (Bundle includes 1 Haptic Notebook)

Order THE ARTIST Bundle in the HAPTIC SHOP > (limited-edition of 3 bundles)

3. The Film Shooter

Re-live the magic of shooting film with THE FILM SHOOTER Haptic Bundle. Show your pride for shooting film with Vitruvian Camera Artwear T-Shirt, the hyper-red print edition of FILM NOTES, and the ERIC KIM CASE (Bronze Edition) to store your film. If you’ve never shot film before, THE FILM SHOOTER is your starting inspiration and guide. If you’re shot film in the past (or currently shoot film), THE FILM SHOOTER is your opportunity to keep your passion for film alive!

  • Retail price:  127 USD
  • Bundled Discount: 99 USD
  • Limited to: 8 bundles

Love the Old-School

Shoot more film photos with:

  1. Vitruvian Camera Artwear
  2. FILM NOTES Print Edition
  3. ERIC KIM CASE (Bronze Edition)

Order THE FILM SHOOTER Bundle in the HAPTIC SHOP > (limited-edition of 8 bundles)

4. The Digital Nomad

THE DIGITAL NOMAD: Wander, explore, and push yourself to travel more, and see the world! THE DIGITAL NOMAD is your mental toolkit to totally transform how you see, experience, and appreciate the world through photography.

Unleash your mind with digital editions of Zen of Eric, Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Street Photography, 30 Days to Jumpstart Your Photography, Masters Volume 1. All digital products are optimized for your smartphone, tablet, laptop — for you to explore the world, ultralight.

  • Retail price: 77 USD
  • Bundled Discount: 29 USD

Expand Your Mind

See the world and photograph in new ways:

  1. Zen of Eric
  2. Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Street Photography
  3. 30 Days to Jumpstart Your Photography
  4. Masters Volume 1


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Only a limited number of bundles are made and exclusively available in the HAPTIC shop, so pick one up before they run out!

Spark your creative spirit:

  1. The Street Adventurer >
  2. The Artist >
  3. The Film Shooter >
  4. The Digital Nomad >

Thank you for your love and support!

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