10 Reasons Why I Love Color Photography

Color photography is great. Why? Let me share:


1. Stimulating

I love color photography because it’s stimulating to me! I like looking at my own color photos, because the colors are so juicy and delightful to me!

2. Sunsets look more epic

You can make beautiful monochrome sunset photos, but the light comes out so much nicer in color, especially when you shoot in RAW, and increase the contrast and saturation afterwards.

Or just shoot JPEG, positive film high contrast color on RICOH GR II:

3. Details

Shooting with a flash in color can truly bring out some epic details in your photos, like the eye makeup of this woman in Kyoto.

4. Painting

I like color photography because I feel like a painter. I see colors which please my eye, and I just shoot those colors. It’s colors for the sake of colors!

5. Food looks more delicious in color

Shoot your food, and use a flash!


6. Fun for abstract photos

I like monochrome abstract photos. Also shoot abstract color photos, another fun challenge!

7. Minimalist color compositions

Experimenting with minimalist color pictures, like Piet Mondrian.

8. Red is the color of passion

My favorite color is red. The color of blood, passion, danger, and vigor!

9. You can shoot color for the sake of it

If you don’t see any interesting subject matter to photograph, just shoot interest colors!

10. Cultivate your own color aesthetics

Process or shoot color in a way which pleases you. Create your own color aesthetic, and have fun :)

Never stop shooting,

Color Photography 101


Learn to paint with your camera: