A fun thought from Nietzsche: what if we didn’t simply want to be a human– but something super-human in our lives?

I think I’m superhuman in some ways.

For example:

  1. I don’t eat breakfast and lunch. Only a huge dinner, and lots of black coffee throughout the day.
  2. I have very little fear: I really don’t care about the opinions others have of me, especially on the internet.
  3. I am physically strong: I can deadlift 410 pounds at a body weight of 140 (as of 2017).
  4. I am insanely prolific: I can type faster than 120 words per minute, and I don’t get writers block.
  5. I make good photos, and constantly keep evolving as an artist.

I’m certainly not the best. But I’ve been able to overcome my past self. I’ve been able to overcome my own self-doubt, and self-fears, and self-loathing.

Therefore, I feel superhuman.

Downtown LA, 2016 #pentax645z

Some things which has helped me become superhuman:

1. Life is a game of poker.

Provincetown, 2015

I stand on the shoulders of giants. I could not have made it this far if it weren’t for Cindy, my mom, Coach Lowe, my Sunday school teachers, my friends, mentors, guides, my Boy Scouts troop, UCLA professors, and family.

I’m lucky. I had a good mom who told me I can be anything I wanted to be. I was lucky to be born American, and become instilled with empowering thoughts of the American Dream.

Garden Grove, 2016 #cindyproject

I’m a product of my society and generation. Without the internet and modern technology, I couldn’t have made it this far.

But for me, I think the following:

Everyone is given opportunities. You just need to make the best use of the opportunities given to you.

I see God as a Texas Holden dealer. He deals you a hand of 2 cards. For some of us, he has given us “pocket rockets” (two Aces, the ‘best’ hand). Some of us, a 2-5 off-suit (the ‘worst’ hand).

San Diego, 2014

But it’s all about how you play your hand.

My friend Justin Lee once beat me with a 2-5 off suit, because he out bluffed my pocket rockets. Justin taught me:

Poker is a psychological war, of intimidation, strength, and often bluffing.

Poker ain’t about your cards. This is why you always see the best psychological warriors at the World Poker Tournament every year.

Lesson: Play your hand well.

Wedding, 2016 #cindyproject

Therefore, to become SUPERHUMAN– no excuses. Rather, train your psychological mind, which can be trained.

2. Hustle harder

Saigon, 2014

To become superhuman it is to love to hustle. To love to work hard. To know that you control your fate, 100%. That you can change reality, with sheer determination, your mind, and what Steve Jobs did…his “reality distortion field.”

This is why my heroes are rappers like Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, and Kanye. People who just believed in themselves, and worked fucking hard.

Detroit, 2014

And this is why I hero worship Steve Jobs, Elon Musk. True risk takers.

This is why I love superhero movies, like Iron Man and Batman. Just normal guys, but they love virtue, helping others, and are just skin and bone– not supernatural.

Garden Grove, 2016

In modern life, I know that having money is useful. Money ain’t evil. It’s just a tool, to get what I want while still alive on planet earth.

Lansing, 2014

I’m not quite sure the secret to riches, but I’ve been able to earn (thanks Cindy) $200,000 USD a year from selling products, teaching workshops, and blogging.

I don’t really know the secret, but I can tell you what wouldn’t help me earn that money:

Sitting at home on a couch, watching Netflix, playing video games, and smoking weed.

SF, 2016 #cindyproject

I’ve found for me, the more I publish blog posts, publish videos, write more, make more photos, and produce more…the richer I’ve become.

Downtown LA, 2016

For me, the more I produce, the richer I become.

  • Consider, a grape tree is considered good if it produces a lot of grapes, which can be turned into wine.
  • A horse is prized if it is fast and powerful.
  • An Ox is prized if it has strong muscles and can pull heavy shit.

Of course humans aren’t just dumb animals. Yet, humans are like bees. The more pollen we gather, and the more sweet honey we make– the more valuable we are to the hive. And humans are a social species.

Berkeley, 2016 #cindyproject

So to be a more valuable human bee,

Make more honey, and make it sweeter.

3. Never blame anyone else

Downtown LA, 2015

The last part of becoming human: never blame anyone else, but yourself.

This is true freedom.


Downtown LA, 2011

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