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11 Lessons I’ve Learned From Dr. Dre on Hustling

dr dre hustle-red

Dr. Dre — the pioneer of ‘gangsta rap’, and currently worth close to $700 million dollars, after his sale of ‘Beats’ to Apple, certainly knows a thing or two about hustling.

Why Dr. Dre?

I am drawn to Dr. Dre and his work ethic. Some inspiration I’ve got from him, based on some of his song lyrics from his ‘Compton’ album:

1. Hustle as much as you can in a day

Work, hard // working so hard, 24/7, 365, hard work, it’s all in a day’s work.

I need to work, hard. To hustle hard. To never take a day off. Hustle 24/7, 365 days a year.

I need to make the best of today. What can I accomplish in a ‘day’s work?’ A lot more than I think I can.

As Jay-Z said:

“Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week.”

2. Grind your entire life


To grind — to work hard, even when the going gets tough.

We grind at our 9-5 job. We grind killing monsters in video games. We need to grind in life— to grind out our passion:

“My whole life all I ever thought about is grindin’, even though my surroundings only showed me crime and violence.”

And I need to focus on the work; not get distracted by fame, money, or anything else:

“These [fools] thinking fame first // I can’t knock the hustle, shit it’s all in a day’s work.”

3. Hustle full-time

dr dre

Even though I might have other things to do; I need to focus on following my passion, and grinding out the meaningful work in my life.

Even though times get hard, fuck the part time. I need to stay on my grind full-time.

Hustling, grinding, is like war— I’m on the front line. I will take bullets, and take the dagger in my side. I need to be strong, and carry on:

“Hard times, I’m on my grind, fuck the part-time; stay ready for war, I’m on the front line // I’m getting the feeling like it’s all mine — It’s becoming the only feeling I know.” – Anderson .Paak

4. Get back to work

dr dre and eminem in the studio

No distractions. Get back to work:

Gotta go to work; we gotta work; we gotta work; let’s get back to work // on the grind, back to work.

5. Rich as fuck, but guess what I’m back to work

dr dre producing

Even though you might have money, fame, wealth, influence, whatever— get back to work:

Let’s work // Rich as fuck, but, guess what, I’m back to work. Overseas, back home, no time to sleep, I’m back to work. So many people that I love, they want my time but I got to work. Some of my friends don’t understand; shit; I got to work.

Only give your time to those who matter to you. Your family, friends, and loved ones.

Others won’t understand your dedication to work. But if your work is your passion; never let anyone sip from your limited pool of time.

6. Fuck that

dr dre working out

Avoid distractions, like seeking pleasure, vain things, sports, or any other nonsense:

“[My friends] always talking about [going] to the club, but I’m like, ‘Fuck that I gotta work.’”

To achieve what I want in life, I need to get back to work:

“If you really wanna do it like this, shit you better get back to work.”

7. Things change


When you strive for your heart’s treasure; some of your friends, loved ones, might become your enemy. But don’t let it get to you.

I will win, in my own heart. To disregard what my enemies say or do; stay focused on myself:

I remember when I got started my intention was to win; but a lot of shit changed since then. Some more friends became enemies in the quest of victory, but I made a vow— never let this shit get to me.

8. Let the negativity pass

dr dre compton

My life history will include hardship. But remember to be strong; financially, physically, mentally. And never forget where you came from:

I let it pass; so I consider this part of my history. And I’m strong; financially, physically. Mentally, I’m on a whole [another] level — and don’t forget that I came from the ghetto.

Never forget how hard your umma hustled, to help you get to where you are now. Remember your past; your history; where you came from.


Continue to build your strength. Keep focusing on keeping profitable, keeping your expenses low. Keep deadlifting, building your body. Keep fasting. Lower your body fat, and become all killer; no filler.

Keep your mind strong physically. Keep empowering yourself through hip hop. Empower yourself through the stoics.

Be strong, always.

9. Never forget what your mom did for you

eric kim mom bed

Thank you umma for helping me get to where I am now. Don’t worry, I will always be here for you:

Sold a new house for my moms; that’s special. I let you go shopping till your feet get tired; then a new Benz just for you to ride in. When i didn’t have it, you provided.

10. Never starve others

our lady of the gate of dawn-4 mother mary wallpaper

As I get more money, and influence— let me never starve anybody else. I know how hard it was when I was starting off. Keep your humility, and share with others:

I used to be a starving artist; so I would never starve an artist.

11. Follow your passion

wide seas-wallpaper eric kim

Follow your passion in life. Never do shit you don’t want to do. Your time is short. Your life is short. Memento mori. Fuck the zeros, commas, and dollas.

Dedicate every minute of your life helping, and empowering others. Disregard everything else.

This is my passion; it’s where my heart is.

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