Zeros and Commas

Zeros and commas,
we need more dollas

BMW’s and Rolleis
we need a blacked-out Mercedes

We gotta keep stacking that paper
before we get snatched by the grim reaper

Louis Vuitton and Gucci,
I ignore my mom; her words can’t get through to me

I want more likes and followers
I want more zeros and commas
I want more people to be fond of us

I want more power
more wealth
more dealt
to me
in this game of life

Disregard the black wings of death
Keep smoking that kush until I’m out of breath

Live a life of VICE
she loves to entice me
dreams of fast cars, fast girls, and traveling all over the world

What is the point of life?

To me, it is to kiss my wife
to cut through false reality with a knife
to call my mom and hear her voice
to have the choice to live
the way I want to

Not to be stuck to my black mirror like superglue

I want freedom, time, and love
To soar on the wings of inspiration above
to heaven.

To count my blessings everyday,
to chill out to Marvin Gaye

To stay rooted
To stay true
to me

To not give a fuck about what others say or do,
To keep treading the earth
lightly without leaving a shoe

To not fill my pockets with lint,
to keep soaring high like a blimp.

Cindy, I love you now and forever
Never let me
the simple joys of life

You are my life, my wife.

I love you, goodnight.

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