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More Effective Ways to Share and Publish Your Work

Social media (Facebook, Instagram) is lame platforms to share your work. Why? The procrustean bed — just uploading one photo at a time (to maximize your likes). Sure you can do the ‘slideshow’ feature in Instagram and Facebook, but nobody really likes it. And thus the needless social media treadmill of just maximizing your follower and like numbers.

>> See SEN. E-ZINE

The future is PDF’s

Using publishing tools (laptop) like Affinity Publisher — far more fun and interesting creative ways to publish your work. In praise of using templates.

More effective ways to share your photos:

  1. Publish a bunch as blog posts
  2. Publish as slideshow (iMovie) // share on YouTube or your blog.
  3. Publish as e-book, e-magazine or PDF ‘zine‘ (Affinity Publisher as a great tool)
  4. Share an open source download .ZIP folder of your favorite JPEG images to have people easily access (Dropbox, Google Drive, or your own FTP web server).
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