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True Luxury is Less.

A realization:

In life, the best life is mostly via negativa (Nassim Taleb) — less concerns, fewer possessions (but higher quality), less b.s., less anxiety, less noise (sound canceling headphones which are “via negativa” as the ultimate luxury.

To improve your life means to subtract or get rid of stuff. Getting rid of toxic people, being able to live *without* a phone. A life where you can live *without* a car as more luxurious. A life where you have the least amount of stuff to maintain and worry over.. in order to have *more* energy and focus to work on the creative work which you care for.

Also with luxury goods, having *fewer* options is more luxury. To have less decision fatigue or “paralysis by analysis” is best.

With living conditions, the *least* amount of loud street noise in your home. The best home as having the *least* amount of noise pollution. Peace, quiet and tranquility as the ultimate luxury in a home.

Even with health … the best definition of health is *absence* of pain and distress. Even in the past with children, ironically poorer families (from the countryside) needed to have more children to work the land and stuff. The new elite is to have less children (2 or just a single child) or even more so… have no children.

Even with food and cuisine … typically the worse cuts of meat or the older cuts of meat require more spices and seasoning. The best cuts of meat require minimal seasoning (only salt and pepper) or better yet … require no seasonings at all.

And with beauty, perhaps the most beautiful woman or person is he/she whom requires the least amount of makeup, fancy clothes and jewelry, and ornaments? Unadorned and naked simple and plain beauty as the apex beauty. Consider that people with the *least* amount of clothing on (ideally naked) is considered most sexually attractive (via negativa clothing).

With body composition and physique, to subtract bodyfat is the best way to look more beautiful. With food and diet, to lose fat *stopping* consumption of liquor, sugar, pastries, carbs is the best way. And “intermittent fasting” (eating less frequently) only something the rich and elite can indulge in.

True luxury is getting rid of more stuff

Have less, in order to do more, and become more.

So rather than thinking about buying more clothes, more gadgets, more stuff and getting a home with more bedrooms and space, best to think about less?


Less is Better

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