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The point of simplifying your life isn’t in order to become a more ‘virtuous’ person. To simplify your life is a highly pragmatic matter:

The more you simplify your life, the more you can maximize your personal creative productivity.

Do what is maximally beneficial to you.

The biggest problem:

We often strive towards minimalism and simplicity as a form of ‘virtue flexing’.

What I mean is this:

We should not strive to simplify our lives in order to seem like “good” and economical people. We should strive to simplify our lives because it is the maximally beneficial mode of living for ourselves.

What simplifies your life for the better?

For example, I prefer to live in a minimalist apartment and not own a car because it helps me focus on my creative work (write, think, walk, photograph, powerlift).

And this is my thought:

In order to MAXIMIZE your productivity, you must SIMPLIFY your life to the maximum as well!


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