Minimum Viable Technology

Don’t strive to ADD superfluous technology to your life. Instead, strive to REMOVE technology from your life. Keep subtracting until you only have the bare essentials necessary to your personal artistic and creative thriving.

Upside of film photography


One of the great upsides of film photography:

It never gets ‘outdated’, because it is already outdated.

One less thing to worry about. You can just make photos with your outdated camera and equipment– with the peace of mind knowing that it is ‘good enough’.

The best technology is invisible

flip phone

The best technology is the technology in which we don’t even need to think about.

For example, writing notes on your iPad will get outdated, but writing notes in a paper notebook won’t.

Your phone will get outdated, but your pen won’t.

In praise of wabi-sabi

Brassing on bottom plate of film Leica MP
Brassing on bottom plate of film Leica MP

One of my favorite aesthetic notions is that of ‘wabi-sabi‘:

Beautiful “imperfections” which wear with you over time.

For example:

  1. The brassing of a black paint Leica camera (golden colors reveal themselves over time)
  2. Wearing in your raw denim jeans
  3. The wrinkles which form in your face, show your life story
  4. Patina in leather products
Golden brassing showing in film Leica MP rewind knob
Golden brassing showing in film Leica MP rewind knob

The best phone is no phone

Another realization:

Perhaps to live a better life, NOT having a phone is preferable.

When I reflect on my life, periods of time which I lived WITHOUT a phone — I was the happiest, most focused, and least distracted.

Not owning a phone, I end up using my RICOH GR III more to shoot snapshots. And the snapshots on RICOH GR III are far more beautiful than iPhone Pro.


When in doubt, subtract the technology!