Minimalist Photography

Less is better:

The more minimalist you can make your composition, the more you can maximize the emotions in your photos.


Practical tips:

  1. Shoot high contrast black and white, and use the LCD to preview the world in high contrast black and white. For example on RICOH GR II, shoot in RAW but make your preview “high contrast black and white”. When you import your photos into Lightroom, apply “ERIC KIM MONOCHROME” preset.
  2. Simplify the background. Shoot with a flash or just change your position to keep the background as minimal as possible. Study Richard Avedon and see how he has his subjects stand against a simple white background.
  3. Study minimalist photographers like Saul Leiter for color, or Daido Moriyama for gritty black and white. Also Ernst Haas for color, or Ray Metzger for black and white. Contemporary street photographer: Rinzi Ruiz is the ultimate zen minimalist photographer.


Minimalist Design