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Easier to Subtract than Add

With almost everything, subtraction is simpler, easier, more effective and often superior to adding. For example:

1. How to improve performance

For example easier to REDUCE WEIGHT (weight reduction) in a sports or racing car, compared to ADDING “performance” or adding more horsepower.

I have a funny story about my friend ERIC MOON in high school:

With his modded out Honda SI which had every single weight reduction component possible (no sound deadening, no seats, no radio, no air conditioning etc) and all carbon fiber everything … I asked him what else he could do to lose weight in the car. He laughed, tapped his flabby belly and said, “Lose weight in my stomach!”

Note the really good sports cars or the really good racing cars:

  1. Stripping the superfluous. No radio, entertainment system, air conditioning, power steering
  2. No door handles (check the high end racing Porsche cars with the seat-belt-esque handles)
  3. You don’t gotta “add” more horsepower, be creative (McLaren) and figure out what to strip and what to get rid of.

2. Money

Easier and better to strip superfluous expenses than to add income.

3. Happiness

Better to subtract that which makes you miserable than to “add” happiness to your life.

Less is Better

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