New Vision and Inspiration in Photography

How to gain new inspiration in your photography:


Put on monochrome eyes, to penetrate reality’s disguise.

Lightroom settings to play with

Generally speaking, if you want to make more interesting black and white photos, here are my tips:

  1. Shoot RAW in your camera, and use ERIC KIM Monochrome Presets
  2. Have fun post-processing your photos, to achieve a NEW image. I think the point of black and white photos is to turn reality into something more interesting. Think of you post-processing your photos more like painting.
  3. When post-processing photos, play with the ‘blacks’ slider, exposure settings, contrast, and also play with the ‘curves’ settings.
  4. When you have created a new black and white ‘look’ (create your own custom preset in Lightroom).
Curves to play with in Lightroom

If you want new and fresh inspiration in photography, shoot monochrome.

For a simple monochrome camera, get RICOH GR II, shoot with high-contrast setting, and shoot RAW (and post process with ERIC KIM PRESETS afterwards in Lightroom).

2. Textures

You might live in a ‘boring’ place, but if you want to make more interesting photos– shoot gritty textures. Shoot in RAW, and process your photos to bring out more detail in the textures.

To me, photographing textures is like painting– abstract paintings and art.


Little Saigon, 2019 #fujifilmgfx50r #texture

Nature is beautiful and all around us. Find textures, colors, and biological plant life which inspires you.

4. Nature vs Urban landscapes

Photograph the juxtaposition between nature and the built urban environment.

5. Shadows

See the world fresh and anew, by focusing on photographing shadows.

6. Layers/composition

Have fun photographing different layers, the play of light vs dark in your photos.

7. Shoot thy selfie

Shoot more selfies of yourself, to embed your soul into your own photos.


Processed Fujifilm GFX 50R File

There is an infinite world of exploration in photography (in terms of subject matter to shoot), and an infinite number of ways you can post-process your photos.

Awaken your eyes to a new vision in the world and life, embrace the strife, and smile fondly upon today. Shoot today to the max!