Why You Must Become More Assertive in Life

Can you achieve anything epic in life without being assertive?

What does “assertive” mean?

The word “assertive” is quite good, because it means that you put yourself forward in a bold manner, without attacking others.

If you want to make an impact in the world, you must assert yourself. You must assert your ideas, put forth your opinions, and put yourself out there.

To be assertive is the opposite of shy and meek. And if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur or make a larger impact in the world, you must be assertive.

Have we been trained to NOT be assertive by society?

Does society want us to be asseerive? I think not.

Society wants us to obey institutions, the state, in order for us to be obedient sheeple. Society doesn’t want rambunctious rebels, who “fuck shit up”.

Perhaps American culture is more assertive than other cultures in the world, which I think is a good thing. Yet at the same time, for the most part, American culture doesn’t want you to be too assertive either. Christian morality still controls Western society which tells us it is better to be humble, meek, obedient, self-sacrificing, and quiet.

Thus it seems the best way to become more assertive is to unlearn what we’ve been taught by others and society. Perhaps the secret is to de-socialize ourselves. For us to assert for ourselves that the old values no longer pertain to us; for us to be bold and brazen enough to create our own new values for ourselves!

Assert yourself

Basic ideas:

  1. Assert your own personal ideas with others without censoring yourself. You can do this on your own blog, YouTube channel, or in person.
  2. Better to be bold and assertive and piss someone off than to be meek, and not upset anybody. Whenever you attempt to assert yourself, you will generally face some sort of resistance. This resistance is good; it will encourage you to strengthen your own assertions!
  3. Imagine: What would a life in which you didn’t assert anything at all look like? A life where you never asserted anything? Would you want to live a totally meek and passive life?
  4. Expect others to fight back or push back, and treat this as an opportunity for you to refine your thoughts and opinion. To build stronger arguments.

Life is too short to be dormant; better die bold and massive.


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