How to Reach Your Potential

Dear friend,

Your ceiling has no limits. Why do you hold yourself back?

1. You have no ceilings.

First of all, know that you have no glass ceiling.

Visualize: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory breaking through the glass ceiling elevator.

If you think you have a limit or a ceiling, you will always down-talk yourself, and make up excuses why you cannot do something.

2. Assume you can do anything

Secondly, assume you can do anything. This is how my friend Chris Dillow thinks, and he is a genius. He 3d prints his own stuff, he taught himself programming, he runs the innovation lab of a big company, is a huge coffee geek (like me), film photography buff (develops and scans himself), and is essentially a modern-day renaissance man.

How to learn how to do anything

3. Strap on your jetpack

To reach the stars, it helps to have a jetpack.

Jetpack for me is coffee. Jet fuel. Black espresso, no cream or sugar.

When I drink coffee (no breakfast or lunch), I am stimulated to reach to the next level.

Also when I need a boost of energy, I will do some chin-ups (whatever pole I can find), sit-ups, crunches, yoga, stretches, or any sort of physical exertion that can pump me up with some blood in my veins.

4. Ruthlessly prune nay-sayers from your life

If anyone says ‘nay’ to your ideas, just look away.

Life is short. Why waste any of your precious energy on folks who drain or suck away your energy?

If your life is an iPhone, and you only start life with 100% charge– who will you not waste your battery (life) on?

In life, we have adware, spyware, and viruses.

Logically, we install ‘virus-blockers’ and ‘anti-virus’ software.

Viruses: Negative people, leeches, or folks trying to steal your personal information.

For me, the ultimate virus in my life was my dad. I had to cut him from my life, so he wouldn’t infect me or my family/loved ones.

Who are the viruses in your life, and how can you setup road-blocks, or virus-protection to remove them from your life?

Viruses slow you down. Also, every IT expert knows the way to speed up your computer: uninstall ‘bloat-ware.’

5. Empower yourself

Empower yourself with music, literature, and philosophy that empowers you. If you listen to a music album, and it compels you into ACTION— that is good music. For me, JAY Z has taught me hustle, KANYE taught me to overcome my fears, and KENDRICK LAMAR has taught me social justice.

SENECA taught me to fuck fear. Marcus Aurelius taught me benevolence. Diogenes taught me to just laugh at all the Alexanders in the world– and to ‘deface the currency’ (not to care too much about money).

NIETZSCHE taught me the ‘will to power’ — to not make excuses, and to seek to empower others (and myself).

So simple suggestion:

Stop consuming media which de-powers you.

The rule:

If I watch this show, read this book, or listen to this album — do I feel empowered, or depressed?


Sky is the limit. You got your jetpack, and golden wings.

What is holding you back? Cannot or will not?




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