Why I Love Fashion Photography

Trace by ERICKIM

I’ve been interested in fashion photography for the colors, dynamism, and just how fun it is.

I’ve also noticed, some of the best street photographers also shot fashion. Gordon Parks, Richard Avedon, William Klein, Guy Bourdain.

Fashion photos are fun. Models jump around. Colors are vibrant.

Fashion has a lot of money. More room to innovate and create.

I shot fashion (thanks Bil Brown, who inspires me). It was hard. But fun.

If you want to make more dynamic photos, study Harper’a Bazaar. I’ve been shooting images from it with my iPad and using Procreate to trace over the images. It helps improve my composition and eye for color.


  1. Analyze color combinations in fashion photos. What color palettes do you see and like? I like blue and gold, black and yellow, gold and black, as of late.
  2. Look for curves, circles
  3. Study low angle wide angle shots. Study perspective. Why do model legs look so long in photos?

Study not to buy fashion shit, but for composition.

Downtown LA, 2016
Downtown LA, 2016

Downtown LA, 2016
Downtown LA, 2016


Saigon, 2017 #cindyproject

Photography Composition Inspiration

Composition Theory

Saigon, 2017

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Tokyo, 2012 eric kim street photography composition leading line

For distilled lessons on composition, read the free ebook: “The Street Photography Composition Manual.”

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Hollywood, 2011 eric kim composition jazz hands triangle composition

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