Photography Productivity

Dear friends, as I voice dictate these words into my iPad Pro, something that I am currently doing is using this opportunity to review my photos. The general gist is this; use an iPad Pro, 11 inch sure, no case no stylus no keyboard, and stand up. Be outside outdoors, and pinch in your photos to see your photos in which three photos fills your left to right columns. Imagine looking at like an old school contact sheet. See street photography contact sheets II and PDF DOWNLOAD. Also see volume 1, PDF DOWNLOAD.

Why does this matter, why is this so critical?

One big issue that I have is that there’s not enough time or hours in a day, or enough physiological energy for me to keep pace with reviewing my photos. One solution is going to the gym early in the morning, and then using the mid day to review my photos while Seneca sleeping. Had a great 850 pound rack pull, and after coming home and after napping Seneca, drinking some Eric Kim OMAKASE coffee, THE THINKER, the white bag, 100% fine robusta with white cherry notes.

I do think that freaking some insanely great coffee as a stimulus to motivate you to review your photos is a good one.

Also, even though the iPad is not perfect, I really truly do believe that the 11 inch iPad Pro, without any accessories, is the ultimate and perfect photo reviewing device.

Why? The upside is that you could look at your photos, as if you were holding them like a print. Not only that, you could be mobile while reviewing your photos, instead of being hunched over a computer or a desktop or laptop, even a standing desk is too static.

Another fun idea I have is review your photos at the gym. Just bring your iPad Pro with you to the gym, ask for the Wi-Fi, and review your photos while you’re there.

Why? I believe that going to the gym is more virtuous than going to a coffee shop. Just drink your ERIC KIM OMAKASE coffee at home, hit the gym, and just review your photos on your iPad, whether you be in the hot sauna, if you’re just stretching out on the gym floor, or in between sets. I have a theory that with a physiological pump, it also gives you a creative pump.

Why review your photos?

A thought experiment; if you could never review your photos, the photos that you shot, would you shoot them? Probably not.

And I still really really love shooting photos for the sake of shooting photos, but still at the end of the day, there’s a desire a strong desire for me to see the photos that I made, to share them and publish them, put them out there.