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Stockholm, 2015
Stockholm, 2015

I am currently reading “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron— an interesting book that links creativity, spirituality, and overcoming your artistic self-censor.

I know a lot of photographers who are perfectionists or have a lot of self-doubt. This causes them to not pursue their dreams of becoming a photographer. Not becoming a full-time photographer, but to be someone who makes photography a part of his or her everyday life, soul, and existence.

Streettogs Academy Assignment No. 5

assignment 5 DATES


The recently concluded Assignment No. 4 yielded a lot of great and creative executions which you can view again here. Thanks again to everyone who joined and to Bertrand Domas who gave us that assignment. Moving on, it’s Editor’s choice Florin Ghebosu‘s turn to give us our assignment for the coming weeks! It is something very timely that fits on the spooks and spoils that occur during the end of October:

Streettogs Academy Assignment No. 4

assignment 4 announcement

Thank you to all the street photographers who are keeping our Streettogs Academy Facebook page a very nice and active community. Thank you for all of your participation and to Jomel “Dada Bear” Bartolome for our previous assignment. Our Assignment no. 3 editor’s choice, Bertrand Domas came up with a nice assignment for us. It was inspired by one of his favorite photographers. To pull it off, you need to have mastery of one of the basic types of light a street photographer encounters.

Given those thoughts, Bertand’s assignment for us is….

Streettogs Academy Assignment No. 2

Assignment 2

I’d like to start by thanking everyone who joined our Streettogs Academy facebook page and giving a congratulations to everyone who participated in our first Assignment and props to Helio Tomita who got our Editor’s choice. We hope you learned something new from that assignment. As promised, our editor’s choice will be the one choosing the theme for our next assignment. Here are some of Helio’s thoughts in selecting our assignment:

Weekly Street Photography Assignment: “Bad Weather”

NYC, 2012. Part of my on-going “Suits” project.

After a long hiatus, I am excited to announce I am starting the weekly street photography assignments again!

This week’s street photography assignment is: “Bad Weather.”

Upload your best (1) street photograph directly to my Facebook fan page wall by Saturday midnight and I will announce the best image via Facebook by this Monday morning. Looking forward to seeing your images!

The 3 Best Submissions for my “Wide-Angle” Weekly Street Photography Assignment

Eric Metzler

Thanks to everybody who submitted to last week’s street photography assignment which was: “Wide-Angle“. Many of you submitted great entries, and I have chosen the best 3 here to display!


Aaron Offord 


Gary Tyson 

The theme this week will be “Smile“. Please take a new photo this week and upload it to my Facebook fan page by Thursday night. Looking forward in seeing your entries! Also congrats to Eric, Aaron, and Gary!

My First Photography Commission: Shooting Fixie Bike Culture in LA

I am excited to say that I got my first paid photography assignment from a digital culture magazine called Stark in covering an LA bike culture scene. Pretty much around 50 bicyclists with tricked out bikes meet up at this central location and drink, smoke, and go out and ride together for around a 20-mile circuit. I went there and captured the footage with my Canon 5D, Canon 24mm f/2.8, my Custom SLR Glidestrap, and my flash. I shot the entire thing in black and white while dragging my shutter (ISO 800, f/11, and 1/3rd of a second for most of my shots).

I had a ton fun shooting and also made some great connections and hope I have more assignments coming down the line. Every little bit will help me keep the #foodinthecupboards as Devin Palmer mentioned on Twitter. Keep reading to check out the images I shot!

11 Inspirational Examples of Shadow Street Photography

Street Photography Shadows
Vincent Tandijo Saputro

Last week on my Facebook fan page I announced the street photography assignment of the week which was “shadows“. I got all of your wonderful submissions on my Facebook fan page, and chose the best here to feature. I hope you enjoy all the images below and stay tuned to Facebook page where I will announce this week’s street photography assignment.

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