Capturing the Brilliant Light of Marseille: Street Photography by Yves Vernin

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Eric’s Note: Yves Vernin is a street photographer based out of Marseille, France. I met Yves in Marseille last year, where he was an amazing host and showed me all around the city. I wanted to share his images of Marseille, a place that I haven’t seen much street photography from, and I love how he is able to catch the brilliant light there. Read more to see his images and his beginnings and what he looks for when in the streets.

For Street Photographers On-The-Go: Review of the Chrome Niko Camera Sling and Camera Pack

If you are a street photographer on-the-go looking for some new camera bags for street photography (small or large) check out my above video reviews on the new Chrome Niko Camera Sling and Chrome Niko Camera Pack.

The Chrome Niko Camera Sling is a small bag designed for street photographers with small DSLR’s, Micro 4/3rds cameras, or rangefinders. I love how it is small, waterproof, and forces you to carry only the bare minimum when you are out on the streets. The Chrome Niko Camera Pack is much larger, for traveling street photographers who may also do professional gigs on the side.

For more images of the bags, read more. Special thanks to Chrome for providing these bags for review.

The Stunning Vibrancy and Forms of India: The Diverse Street Photography of Swarat Ghosh

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Eric’s Note: I recently met Swarat Ghosh in my Intermediate/Advanced worskhop in Mumbai. When we were doing portfolio reviews, I was quite blown away with his work — especially considering that he has only been shooting street for a little over a year. He is based in Hyderabad, and is one of the most fervent and hard-working street photographers I have met. His work definitely shows it.

Swarat: I am a Visual Designer by profession, working in a reputed IT company in Hyderabad. Mostly been influenced by my parents and sister who have always encouraged me to do the best in my life.Later, my hidden talent in photography was discovered when my wife gifted me a DSLR camera Nikon d3000 with 35mm prime lens in Oct, 2010. Since then, I am nurturing the passion for photography.

7 Valuable Insights You Can Learn About Street Photography From this Garry Winogrand Interview

Garry Winogrand is one of my favorite street photographers of all-time. Sure, he hated the term “street photographer” and didn’t call himself one — but his contagious energy, love of the streets, and powerful imagery is what draws a lot of street photographers to him.

In the video above produced by Michael Engler, Winogrand shoots the streets of LA and shares some of his philosophies when it comes to street photography. Watch the video above or read a transcript that I put together below and some of my thoughts on what we as street photographers can learn from him.

Interview with Matt Stuart on Street Photography, Ethics, and the Future of Photography

Eric’s Note: When I started street photography, one of the photographers whose work always amazed me was that of Matt Stuart. He is part of the international street photography In-Public, and has caught some of the most incredible images I have ever seen. I was always curious about how he was able to capture his moments. In the video interview with Miniclick, he talks about his thoughts on street photography, commissions, ethics, his interest, and the future of photography. 

For your convenience I have also written together a transcript of the interview below, so read more to get all the goodies. Photographs courtesy of Matt Stuart.

The History of Street Photography

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There are very few books written on the history of street photography. However, the best book that I know: “Bystander: A History of Photography” is superb. The book was co-authored by photography curator and historian Colin Westerbeck and the legendary street photographer Joel Meyerowitz. The two collaborated for many years on the book, with Westerbeck doing most of the writing and Meyerowitz giving guidance and helping edit images for the book.

I picked up my copy a few years ago, and was amazed to see how in-depth and expansive it was on the history of street photography. I used it as a reference for an online course I taught on street photography at UC Riverside Extension in 2011, and learned many insights from the book.

I wanted to write this article to share some of my personal insights which I learned from the book and the history of street photography. I hope you enjoy it. Also if you see any typos, grammatical errors, or unclear points- please leave a comment below.

Considering this is a long article (31 pages long), I consider you to either save it to Pocket or to Instapaper and read it in bits and chunks. You can also download a .doc file of it, or a PDF of the article. 

What Street Photographers Can Learn About Design and Composition from Classical Art

Adam Marelli, a talented photographer and artist that I have taught two workshops with recently gave a superb lecture at the B&H Photo space in NYC on design/composition. The talk is about an hour and a half, and worth every minute. I highly recommend every street photographer who wants to better understand how to compose their photos better to watch it. More description of the talk below:

We will look at how many of the design problems that photographers face have been addressed by classical artists. Bridging the gap of classical art and street photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson combined the two practices and set the world of photography on a new course. We will look at how he and his followers at Magnum, converted the lessons from classical artists into the photojournalism, street photography, and portraiture. We will introduce the visual language, examining its basic grammar and the ways in which photographers can build up each element in their own work. They will be given specific examples from master painters who were proto-street photographers.

Attendees will walk away with a completely new way of viewing the design accomplishments of classical art. Museums and galleries will breathe with new life as the geometry of art and design is decoded specifically for photographers. You will be given a list of “common compositional mistakes” that many photographers make because the they are only taught to artists. We will also reveal where the “Rule of Thirds” comes from and look at additional techniques to use with a 35mm format.

If you want to learn more, make sure to also check out Adam’s upcoming workshops here.

Capturing the Comedy and Drama of Everyday Life: The Street Photography of Nico Chiapperini

Nico Chiapperini Street Photography

Eric’s Note: Nico Chiapperini is an Italian street photographer currently based in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. He wanders the streets looking for documents, memories, and impressions, in which composition and light freeze feelings for eternity. He also uses his street photography as a way to collect his thoughts in which he uses a metaphor of a kaleidoscope of memories and future visions. Through this quest, he discovers questions, sometimes answers, but always emotions in his imagery. 

Nico: My mum was a teacher in a primary school. I was eight years old when I went with her on a school trip to a Jurassic Park for children. There I took some pictures of fake dinosaurs with my father’s SLR. It was my first time and I used two rolls of film. The day after my dad told me I could have bought nice postcards instead of wasting so much film and money. He did not have bad intentions, he later tried to encourage me, but I was a sensitive child and never touched a camera again for a very long time.

It’s More Fun to Shoot Street Photography in Manila

It has been around a month since I returned from teaching/shooting street photography in Manila, and I finally had the chance to do an update video. My experiences in Manila were incredible, and a huge thanks to Jeff Mercader for bringing me over and to Joel Mataro and the guys at DAAN for organizing everything and really taking care of me. Also of course a shout-out to all of the workshop participants who totally rocked the streets of Manila.

I wanted to do this video to share my experiences shooting street photography in Manila, and why I think it is such a phenomenal country to travel to. I think it is seriously one of the most under-rated places to visit, and I encourage everyone who wants a friendly, affordable, and inspirational place to shoot street photography abroad!

Their motto is really true: it is more fun in the Philippines! And if you are interested in visiting, make sure to post a message to the DAAN Facebook group and say I sent you.

“Take Your Street Photography to New Heights”: Introduction to Street Photography Workshop in Dubai (3/22-3/23)


Eric’s Note: I am excited to share that the registration for my Introduction to Street Photography Workshop in Dubai (3/22-3/23) is now open! More info in the post below:

Have you ever walked on the streets and saw a moment that you wanted to capture, but you were too scared to take the photograph? Do you want to become more confident shooting in the streets and learn how to better interact with your subjects? Do you want to meet other street photographers that are as equally passionate about street photography or interested in learning like you?

In collaboration with Visual Arabia 2013, I am excited to announce I will be teaching my popular “Introduction to Street Photography Workshop” in Dubai 3/22-3/23. In this action packed 2-day weekend workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of street photography, how to create visually compelling images, how to conquer your fear of shooting street photography, as well as tips & tricks how to capture “the decisive moment”.

The workshop is limited to 12 passionate individuals who want to take their street photography to new heights. The workshop will be an intimate experience in which you will learn solid fundamentals, get honest & constructive criticism on how to improve your photos, and meet other enthusiastic street photographers. This workshop is ideal for beginner or intermediate street photographers.

32+ Tumblr Sites Street Photographers Should Follow

John Szarkowski and Garry Winogrand fooling around. Photograph by Lee Friedlander, 1971. Tumblr icon added for drama.

Tumblr has been one of the most popular social media sites as of late when it comes to street photography. Personally I haven’t used Tumblr much, but I see that the platform has a lot of potential for street photographers and the community.

There is a vibrant and active street photography on Tumblr — but the problem is knowing who you should follow. Below is a curated list of notable photographers/street photographers/collectives to follow. Big thanks to Chio Gonzalez and AG DeMesa for helping me compile this list.

Also of course this is not a comprehensive list. If you have other suggestions on other street photographers to follow on Tumblr (other than yourself) please paste a link in the comments below!

Exciting New Trailer for “Finding Vivian Maier” Feature-Length Documentary Film

About two years ago, John Maloof started a Kickstarter to fund a feature-length documentary film: “Finding Vivian Maier“. Since then, the film has made a lot of progress (it will be released later this year) and an official trailer has just been released (watch above). After watching the trailer, I am confident that the film will do a great job uncovering the hidden life and photography of Vivian Maier.

For those of you who are not familiar with Vivian Maier, you can read more about some words I have written about her story here.

You can also see more work by Vivian Maier on her official website here.

Follow the Progress of the Film

To follow the progress of the film, follow the Vivian Maier film below:

Revealing the Beauty, Wonder, and Struggle Within Everyday Life: Interview with “Oculi”, Australian Photography Collective

Oculi Interview

Eric’s Note: I am very excited to share this interview that I did with the members of Oculi, one of the most established photography collectives in Australia. Their members are diverse and practice many different styles of photography including documentary, fine art, reportage, street photography, and more.

Their current members are: Donna Bailey, James Brickwood, Lee Grant, Claire Martin, Nick Moir, Jeremy Piper, Andrew Quilty, Raphaela Rosella, Dean Sewell, David Maurice Smith and Tamara Voninski, with former members including: Narelle Autio, Warren Clarke, Nick Cubbin, Tamara Dean, Glenn Hunt, Jesse Marlow, Trent Parke and Steven Siewert.

To find out more about Oculi and their philosophies, read on!

Take Your Street Photography to New Heights in 2013! (Hong Kong, Dubai, Chicago, NYC, Toronto, Vietnam, Bangkok, Istanbul, LA, SF, Tokyo, and Kyoto)

Manila Street Photography Workshop 2013

Much thanks to the help of my girlfriend Cindy, I have nearly finalized the dates most of my street photography workshops for 2013. In my recent blog post I mentioned the difficulties of traveling too much, so I am spending more time in Northern America (to spend more time at home with my loved ones, friends, and family).

If you want to take your street photography to new heights by building your confidence, better incorporating design & composition to your work, and want to meet other like-minded street photographers — these workshops are perfect for you.

At the moment registration is only open for my upcoming workshops in Hong Kong, and Dubai. Pre-registration is open for Chicago, NYC, Toronto, Vietnam, Bangkok, Istanbul, LA, SF, Tokyo, and Kyoto! Read more to see the full schedule below.


3/16-3/17: Hong Kong – Intro to Street Photography Workshop – More Info & Register – FEW SPOTS LEFT!

3/22-3/24: Dubai – Intro to Street Photography Workshop – More Info & Register – REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! 


4/18-4/21: Chicago – Intro to Street Photography Workshop – Register Intent


5/16-5/19: New York City – Intro to Street Photography Workshop –  Register Intent


6/13-6/16: Toronto – Intro to Street Photography Workshop – Register Intent


Date TBA: Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) – Register Intent

Date TBA: Bangkok – Street Photography Workshop –  Register Intent


8/15-8/18: Istanbul – Week-long Fundamentals of Street Photography Workshop – Register Intent

Date TBA: Los Angeles – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop – Register intent




10/17-10/20: San Francisco – Intro to Street Photography Workshop – Register Intent


11/8-11/10: Tokyo Intro to Street Photography Workshop  – Register Intent

11/15-11/17: Tokyo Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography Workshop – Register Intent

11/22-11/24: Kyoto Film Street Photography Workshop – Register Intent



Stay Updated with Future Workshops

If you want to stay updated with future workshops, add your email to the form below! 

9 Lessons I Have Learned About Street Photography (and Life) From 2012

Marseille, France 2012
Marseille, France 2012

Written: 1/31/2013

Today I turn 25 years old. The last year has been one hell of an adventure. This year, I have been on the road at least 2-3 weeks out of every month – and I have been to 18 cities internationally, in 15 different countries.

Everyday when I wake up, it still feels surreal that I am pursuing my passsion — street photography for a living. When I got laid off my job nearly two years ago, I was scared, nervous, and uncertain about the future. I had credit card debt to pay off, oustanding student loans, and of course bills and rent to pay on top of all of it.

Fortunately with your endless encouragement I have been able to fully concentrate my efforts on street photography and not get distracted by anything else.

I have so many people to thank who helped me go this far. There is no way any of this would be possible without those giving me a place to stay during my travels and acting as warm hosts, to those attending my workshops, and especially to you — my dear reader for supporting this blog.

One of the problems I have is reflecting on the past. I am very present-oriented (which is a good thing in many regards), but I often forget to dwell on my rich past experiences. That and looking toward the future.

Here are some lessons I have learned about street photography and life in 2012:

The Nostalgic Black & White Photos of Japan: Interview with Street Photographer Junku Nishimura

1965, Kyoichi Sawada, World Press Photo of the Year

Junku Nishimura Street Photographer

Eric’s Note: Junku Nishimura is one of the most talented street photographers that I know in Japan. Not only is he incredibly passionate about his photography (he shoots exclusively film and develops and prints all of his work) but he is also one of the most down-to-earth. I taught a film street photography workshop in Kyoto with him alongside Bellamy Hunt and Sean Lotman- which was an incredible experience. On the last night of the workshop, we were sitting in a bar in Kyoto and I conducted an interview with him. Here is a transcription (along with some edits) of the interview.

Also I am excited to share that Junku has joined international street photography collective Burn My EyeYou can see his portfolio on BME here.

Shooting the Streets of Brighton with Singaporean Street Photographer Gary Wang

Eric’s Note: I first met Gary Wang when I visited Singapore last year to do an exhibition and a series of street photography workshops. From what I heard about Gary was that he used a rangefinder, shot really close to his subjects (often using a 21mm or 28mm lens), and that his black & white work was stirring. Gary is an all-around cool guy, with a great passion for street photography and the photography community — being one of the founding members for the Rangefinder Singapore (RFSG) group. Oh yeah, and he is a complete black&white film nut as he does all his own developing at home. I also did an interview with him in the past on the Leica blog.

Gary recently was featured in this short documentary during a trip to Brighton pier in which he talks about his philosophy about street photography, traveling, and shooting black and white film. There are also some good video footage of him shooting the streets of Brighton.

Gary told me that they forgot to bring a microphone along, which caused the audio to be quite poor. I have gotten this complaint a ton in the past as well, so I transcribed a rough guideline to what Gary says in this interview. To see more of Gary’s work and read his words, read on.

Painter & Street Photographer: Interview with Visual Artist Carlo Gabuco

Carlo Gabuco

Eric’s Note: I first met Carlo Gabuco in Singapore about a year ago, at the Invisible Photographer Asia gallery with Kevin Wy Lee. When I looked at Carlo’s work, I was overwhelmed by the sense of beauty and darkness in his monochromatic images. I was even more surprised to discover that he was first a painter (I saw a recent painting exhibition by him in Manila and was also blown away). 

Discover more about Carlo’s artistic vision and his visions/aspirations for the Filipino street photography community in the interview below.

The .7 Meter Challenge

Photograph by Satoki Nagata from his Cabrini–Green project.

I recently conducted a video interview with Satoki Nagata, a talented street photographer based in Chicago about his photography and approach.

One of the questions I asked Satoki was regarding his Cabrini–Green Housing, a documentary he did with people in the Cabrini–Green area of Chicago (known to be a dangerous area full of gang-activity with low-income housing). Satoki was drawn to the area, and he was able to take some incredible portraits of the people in the community. My biggest question for him was: “How did you conquer your fear of photographing strangers you didn’t know, especially in a dangerous area?”

His answer was that he photographed a month shooting at his Leica’s minimum focusing distance: .7 meters (2.3 feet).

From the Streets of the City to Social Documentary: The Personal Projects of Geric Cruz

Geric Cruz

Eric’s Note: Geric Cruz is a Filipino photographer that discovered photography on accident in 2006 when his uncle gave him a Polaroid Instamatic Camera. Through his travels in the states and in the Philippines, he discovered his unique voice in photography and focuses on personal projects that deal with social issues. His documentary and personal work is strong and stirring, beautifully marrying both form and content.

To see more of Geric’s black & white work, read on.

Understanding How to Live Truthfully and Happily: The Photographs of Geloy Concepcion from Manila

Eric’s Note: Geloy Concepcion is a young photographer from Manila, who is both interested in photography and street art.  Upon graduating from The University of Santo Tomas, he got selected at the 7th Angkor Photo Workshops in Cambodia, and has exhibited his work in Taiwan, Tokyo, and most recently in Singapore. If you are looking for a talented up-and-comer, definitely keep your eyes on Geloy.

The Tension Between Form and Content in Manila: Interview with Leanne Jazul

Leanne Jazul Street Photography

Eric’s Note: This is a transcription of an interview I had with Leanne Jazul, a photographer based here in Manila. He is one of the founders of Usapang Kalye, a forum for “street photography talk” in the Philippines. I was very impressed with his thoughts and philosophies on street photography, as well as his vision and hope for street photography in the Philippines. Read on to find out more about Leanne and his images.

Announcing “Shoot a Cop – A Celebration of Our Boys in Blue” – YOU ARE HERE II

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Eric’s Note: Last year, I was a judge and featured photographer of YOU ARE HERE, an innovative street photography event/exhibition in Los Angeles run by the Think Tank Gallery. The concept of the project last year was that 35 photographers had 10 days to shoot in a one-square-block street in Downtown LA’s fashion district. The best 3 photos from each photographer was featured in the gallery. Needless to say, the event was a huge hit. 

To see a recap of YOU ARE HERE, you can watch the video here

I am now excited to announce YOU ARE HERE II, a sequel to last year’s event- with a controversial twist. To find out more about the event, read on.

The Vibrant Light and Colors of Manila: Street Photography by Chio Gonzalez

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Eric’s Note: Chio Gonzalez is a 17 year-old street photographer based in Manila, Philippines. He has been shooting street photography seriously for almost a year now, equipped with a Nikon D60. I first discovered Chio when he applied (and was awarded) for a student scholarship to both my Manila Intro and Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography Workshop. Not only am I impressed by his photography and vision (especially at such a young age) but also by his maturity and humbleness.

To find out more about his photography, beginnings, and vision for street photography in Manila -read on.

Enter “Streets of Chrome” Photography Contest to win a Fujifilm X-Pro 1, 35mm F/1.4, and Chrome Niko Camera Backpack!

Streets of Chrome
Click image to enter “Streets of Chrome” contest

Chrome Industries is launching the Streets of Chrome – A photo contest to find the world’s next great street photographer in conjunction with the drop of its new Niko Camera Bags.

Chrome is calling for entries from street photographers everywhere for its Streets of Chrome photo contest, which runs January 22–February 14, 2013. Finalists will be chosen by Chrome’s panel of expert judges and the winner will be determined by open voting on February 7th-14th. Photo submissions will be judged based on creativity, originality, and ability to capture the essence of the streets.

The judge panel includes legends Rickey Powell, Tod Seelie and Ken Goto and the grand prize will be a Fujifilm X-Pro1 compact-system camera, a Fujifilm X-Pro1 35mm F/1.4 lens, and a Chrome Niko Camera Backpack.

For more information, go to

Read more on also how to win a free giveaway to win a Chrome Niko Camera Backpack or Niko Camera Sling!

“More Than Photography”: A Mini-Documentary on SF Street Photographers Brad Evans and Travis Jensen

Eric’s Note: Denmark-based street photographer Jonas Husballe Normann recently embarked on a U.S. tour this summer, and met SF-based street photographers Brad Evans and Travis Jensen. After getting to know them, Jonas was inspired by their work and how they gave back to the community and made this mini-documentary on them and their work. Below is a description of the video/documentary from Jonas.

Jonas: I finally got time to edit some more video from my U.S. tour this summer. I didn’t shoot quite as much as I had planned, but it was still enough to create a story about two talented photographers, Brad Evans and Travis Jensen, as I got to know them on my trip. In the process I developed a lot of respect for their photography.

They spent a year shooting and then creating a photo journal about San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. It’s a very underserved neighborhood that many consider as rough on the edges. I spent a lot of time there, but I didn’t shoot too much because it can be dangerous to visit and play tourist with a camera. Travis used to live in the Tenderloin as a young man and both him and Brad have a good understanding and awareness of the area’s dynamics.

Instead of showing only the bad side of the neighborhood that other photographers have emphasized in the past, Brad and Travis were determined to portray the area’s positive aspects.

The book’s profits are donated to a social charity in the neighborhood that helps at-risk youth living on the street.

Read more to see photos from Brad Evans and Travis Jensen.

Student Photos: Manila Introduction to Street Photography Workshop 2013

Student Photograph by Chio Gonzalez. Manila 2013. Click to see entire album on Facebook

I am excited to share that I finished my first Manila Introduction to Street Photography Workshop here in Manila. Street photography here is amazing, with some of the friendliest people, and bright vivid colors. Definitely a place I will be visiting yearly!

You can see the best student photos from the Manila Introduction to Street Photography Workshop 2013 on Facebook. Vote for your favorite “people’s choice award” photograph from the workshop by “Liking” it. The photograph with the most likes will get a prize sponsored by Lightroom!

If you want to also join in the fun and take your street photography to the next level, check out some of my upcoming workshops in 2013 below!


2/23-2/24: Mumbai, India – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop. For more info and to register, email Kaushal Parikh at

2/27-2/28: Mumbai, India – Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography Workshop. For more info and to register, email Kaushal Parikh at


3/2-3/3: Mumbai, India (Pune cancelled) – Intermediate/Advanced Street Photography Workshop. For more info and to register, email Kaushal Parikh at

3/16-3/17: Hong Kong – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop with Gary Tyson from F8 photography – REGISTER HERE

3/29-3/31: Los Angeles – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop – Register intent – NEW!

Tentative Upcoming Workshops 2013

United States

  • San Francisco – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop (Summer 2013) – Register Intent
  • New York City – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop (Summer 2013) –  Register Intent
  • Chicago: – Introduction to Street Photography Workshop (Summer 2013) – Register Intent


  • Bangkok – Street Photography Workshop (possibly in April onwards) –  Register Intent
  • Istanbul – Week-long Introduction to Color Street Photography Workshop (possibly in April onwards) – Register Intent (to stay updated)

Robert Frank’s “The Americans”: Timeless Lessons Street Photographers Can Learn

Click to read more

The Americans” by Robert Frank is one of the most influential photo books published of all-time. It has inspired countless numbers of photographers across all genres, especially appealing to documentary and street photographers. I know the book has had a profound impact on my photography and how I approach projects.

While I am not an expert on Robert Frank or “The Americans”, I will share what I personally have learned from his work. For your reference, I used Steidl’s “Looking In: Robert Frank’s The Americans” as a primary resource for this article. The article is incredibly long, and I encourage you to read it not all in one sitting, but in different phases.

I would also highly recommend saving this article and reading it on Instapaper or Pocket. These services allow you to save the article to read later on your phone, iPad, computer, etc.  

Chicago Street Portraits POV Video Volume #3

Above is another POV video I made while filming for the Samsung NX20 photography campaign. I hope you guys enjoy!

  1. You can see my first Chicago Street Portraits POV video here.
  2. You can see my second Chicago Street Portraits POV video here.

Tonight I am also leaving to go camping in the Grand Canyon for a week. Just going to bring my Contax T3, 10 rolls of Portra 400, and will take my shot at doing some landscape photography :). I will be back on January 1st, with lots of great new interviews to feature and more.

I wish all of you guys happy holidays and a happy new year! Enjoy your time with your loved ones and those closest to you!

A Tour Off the Beaten Track of Zakynthos: Interview with Zisis Kardianos on his new book, “A Sense of Place”

Eric’s Note: I am honored to share this interview with Burn My Eye member Zisis Kardianos on his new book, “A Sense of Place” – an exploration of the Greek island of Zakynthos. As Zisis describes in the book:

“They suggest a tour, off the beaten track, where the personal exploration of my native island is shared in the hope you are left with an emotional awareness of the place rather than a literal understanding of a location. A sense of the place.”

If you want to read more about Zisis’ start in photography, what inspired him to make the book, and how he put it together – read on.

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