The Magic of Photography

After it all, what I still love and prefer the most is photos. Photography.

For example, in the evening after Seneca is asleep, and after I have had my meat meditation, what is it that I must do? To review, flag, and select my favorite photos.

How photography is magical

Yesterday when I was reviewing photos on my iPad Pro, I was amazed and shocked by my photos. How much resolution, detail, sharpness, 3D-ness, pop, and emotional impact and soul they had.

The first thought was first of all, I do genuinely believe that any and every photographer should get an iPad, especially an iPad Pro. It is really the most beautiful way to look at your photos. Even think that looking at photos on an iPad Pro is superior than seeing them printed, even platinum prints on the most fine paper.

Isn’t this an insanely empowering thought? That once again, getting an iPad Pro for only $799 is 1000 times superior than printing them out on the most pretentious paper?

What to photograph?

Photograph at all. Photograph yourself, your selfie, your muscles, your flexing, your kids, your wife, your environment, your walks, and other random things you see along the way.

And what is the point of it all?

To be shocked, to be amazed, to be shockingly delighted, to be amazed. For example, shooting with the Ricoh GR IIIx in JPEG, high contrast black and white, with the contrast and the sharpness put to max, how much sharpness and resolution I could see on the skin of Seneca, and even his skin pores. It makes him feel more human, more magical.

Travel and exploration and photography