Faster Speeds

As an experiment, I tried shooting medium size JPEG on my Ricoh GR 3X. And this morning, importing it to my iPad Pro, it was so slow. Certainly compared to importing extra small or small JPEG‘s. Frustratingly slow.

I then wondered, a similar thing with electric cars, Teslas, and charging speeds. Why are charging speed so slow for electric cars? Why is it quicker and faster to fill up a gasoline car, when compared to recharging an electric car?

What is the best Tesla car?

The Tesla model S plaid is certainly the fastest car, and therefore, is the best car. Yet, the Tesla model S plaid is a bit boring. Also, I really don’t like the front end of it, with the embedded T logo in the front. It gets rid of the design harmony.

A few weeks ago, I went to a Tesla showroom, and had a lot of fun in the Tesla model X with Seneca, with the falcon doors up. I think it is a great car, and it is cool that you could fit so many people into it, would be great for a multi kid family, or a growing family. I think it looks great in red. Yet my only critique with the Tesla model X is that it just looks a bit cheap. The quality doesn’t look great for a car that is over $100,000. Also, it seems that everyone has one now, which makes me a little bit less interested in actually getting one. Personally I want something different.

How about the Tesla model Y? Too much plastic on it. Also, I have discovered with crossover vehicles, or medium size vehicles, design wise, it is a compromise. It is boring.

How about the Tesla model 3? This might be the best bet, it lacks the new yoke steering of the Tesla model S and the model X. Perhaps we should just wait until they update the steering wheel in the Tesla model 3, and maybe, even make a plaid mode for the model 3.

Takeaway point: currently I am not interested in owning any Tesla vehicle. Or any car in general.