Why off-road?

It seems that the bias nowadays is to get some sort of all wheel drive, off-road vehicle. What should this be a thing?

I think this is the new noveau hippie, consumerist thing. We lack adventure and excitement in our everyday lived realities, and instead, we seek some sort of form of adventure and excitement. Whether it be off-roading, in nature, the forest, the desert, etc.

The hilarity is that Cindy and I have actually spent a lot of time going on epic road trips, to the desert, Joshua tree, to the mountains, etc. And it was all easily done with a simple four-door sedan, a Ford fusion. There was really no place that needed to be accessed off the road. Everything is accessible on-road.

Also another thing, I don’t actually like going off-roading. It makes me carsick. Too much vibration is annoying.

Also, why the wilderness, why camping, etc.? Is it just another form of escapism? I think so. Personally speaking, I like society. I like going to the Costco business Center and getting meat, I like going to the gym and lifting heavy weights, I like having Wi-Fi, etc.