NEWS: Why You Are Important

Yes, you are important. Your thoughts, your ideas, your creative ideas, your innovations, etc. Your ideas can be a gift and a blessing to humankind. It is your duty to share these ideas, innovations with others.

Why you are important

First and foremost, I do not think human importance is a zero sum thing. I personally believe that every single human being, irregardless of their background, etc. is important. That means, you are an interesting amalgamation of your life experiences, your thoughts, the ideas you learned while interacting with others, etc. You are a very interesting filter.

What makes the world go round? Ideas and money.

By publishing, sharing, and propagating your thoughts, leveraging technology and your connections etc., you empower humankind, by individually sparking ideas, a little shot of motivation and turbocharging others.

For example, this is my basic thought:

If your idea, ideas, your blog post, your article, your book, your video or vlog, email newsletter, etc., can inspire, motivate, change the mind, or empower at least one other human being on planet earth, you’ve done your job.

Why are we so afraid to share?

To share, to publish, to propagate yourself and things is a great act of courage.

Let us consider, everything that you share is your own opinion, your own artwork, your own creative work, etc. For the most part, I do not believe there is any sort of objective value in ideas or art. It is all subjective.

Why is it that all of these nerds, and weaklings on the internet want to attempt or ascribe an objective value to things? Because these skinny fat losers are afraid of things like uncertainty, chaos, randomness, disorder, etc. Even that Jordan Peterson guy (the anti disorder and chaos guy) seems to be lacking in the courage department.


“I got so many zenemies” (Big Sean, ZTFO ZEN THE FUCK OUT)

A recent realization that I’ve gleaned, spending time in the gym is that actually, a lot of people who pretend to be your friend, or kind of nice to you, or you’re kind of nice to them, end up becoming your frenemies. A frenemy is a friend and an enemy and one.

For example, anyone who is a “hater“ is not a hater. They are a frenemy. Why? Anybody who hates on you actually knows quite a lot about you. In their hate is a mix of admiration, love and respect, yet confusion, and self dissatisfaction. The psychology of a hater:

They love you, adore you, and desire your affection. Or your attention, yet you do not give it to them.

Sour grapes?

For example, the psychology of a high school or college student, in regards to a pretty girl they desire.

They are obsessed with a pretty girl at school, and they want their love and affection. Yet, they are unable to obtain it. Then soon this love turns into disdain, and hate for that girl, because of the sour grapes fallacy, because I cannot obtain the affection of that pretty girl, I end up finding ways to hate her.

How to become more courageous

The first number one most critical thing in becoming a creator or publisher is having the courage to share your thoughts and ideas with others. How do you become more courageous in this regard? Some practical suggestions:

First and foremost, something that nobody likes to think of; I believe that courage is a physiological thing. That courage actually stems from the physical. For example, let us assume that you only slept two hours last night, and your health is very poor. You will not have a lot of courage, to do anything. Whether it be social, physical, or even creative. Therefore the first priority is to improve your physiology.

To improve your physiology, ensure that you slept at least 8 to 12 hours. If you need a hard reset, during the day, go to the gym, lift insanely heavy weights, hypelifting. Very very heavy rack pull, and atlas lift, one rep max. Even if you’re up for it, workout at least twice in the day; one session is weightlifting at the gym, another session is doing yoga at the local CorePower studio.

For dinner, strive to eat at least two racks of beef ribs, buy it at the local Costco business center. There is no way in hell you could be insomnia after that.

Why share?

There are a few ways to think about this.

First and foremost, when you share your ideas, thoughts, innovation, creative ideas etc., it gives you a boost of self power. There is certainly a self boost when it comes to propagating and sharing your wealth with others.

For example, giving a big cash tip at a restaurant, or to your server. If you are able to be rich enough to give your server a $20 bill, a $50 bill, or even $100 bill as a tip, you are actually signaling your strength your power and how rich you are. In this regard, being able to flex your wealth is a positively good thing. Why? When other people need money more than you do, what that means then is you are doing a virtuous thing; you are helping the server or the person pay their bills, and also, you are boosting your own self-esteem and ego.

Also another simple thing; perhaps it is a good idea to have an insanely cheap car, and then save all of your US dollars, or your money to do other social virtuous things. Once again, let us say that you inherited your mom’s 2009 Hyundai Sonata for free, it only cost you $2000 to fix and update everything, then, consider that you have at least $40,000 to innovate, to share, and to propagate.

Even though I am very pro Tesla, Elon Musk, etc., I have zero interest in personally owning a Tesla car. Why? It is too expensive. The only thing that I might be interested in is leasing the cheapest base model 3 car, if indeed, the autopilot that it is included with will really help with the hateful 405 stop and go traffic. But the truly intelligent thing to do is to structure your life and architect it in such a way that you don’t even need to commute. I just saved you $50,000.

Platform ideas

What will last longer than YouTube? Your own website.

I started my website and my blog in 2009. It has changed, refined, and grew and evolved with me over these many years, up to the present moment in 2023. I believe I started it as a high school senior about to enter his college freshman year, and now, at the age of 35, it is serving me well, even with my about to be two year old son.

I have in my short tenure, seen many things come and go. Xanga, MySpace, LiveJournal, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc.

Even now; Instagram seems to be at a standstill, and you see modest growth in TikTok. YouTube is here to stay, but beyond that, not much else.

Building your own website is the only way to ensure a more prosperous future for yourself, and others.

What is the difference between a website and a blog.

All blogs are websites, not all websites are blogs.

A blog is simply short for web log, that is, you simply log your activities and your thoughts and your creative stuff on your website, on the Internet.

We can think of a blog as a website 2.0. The critical flaw of most websites is that they are almost never updated. They seem to be some sort of static front forward facing thing, to brand and market yourself, and your accomplishments and accolades. Yet, we disdain the static. We love new novelty and dynamic things.

Strategies for propagating yourself and your ideas

Some new thoughts:

The first one is don’t focus on a small and narrow niche. Maybe from the get-go, it is a good idea to just blog, Vlog, and share your thoughts on anything and everything.

For example, my personal interests are infinite. Not only am I passionate about photography, street photography, art, creativity, I am also passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, industrial design, fitness and health, weight lifting, muscle, bodybuilding, meat, etc.

In fact, I think I was a philosopher ever since I was 12 years old. Ever since I was 12, I was always curious about questions about life like the meaning of life, how to become more productive, how to become less distracted and more focused, and how to live the best life possible.

The benefit and upside of just writing and publishing about anything and everything is that it signals to others that you are a diverse, interesting, and multifaceted individual. The reason why we feel this pressure to just stay within a small niche is that we want to pre-package ourselves to be made understandable and decipherable by others. Because when we step outside of the box, and do other things, people often get confused and scared.

For example, I consider myself the nicest guy of all time. I am insanely friendly, kind, greet everybody, and treat everybody with respect. Yet every once in a while, when I am insanely focused, I give an insane cold shoulder and don’t acknowledge the existence of others. Not because I want to be mean, but because I’m just so focused and I don’t want to be disturbed. When I act this way, people at the gym or typically greet, get a little bit confused, and scared. Perhaps this is good.

Also, 99.9% of the time I’m always happy, jovial and silly. Yet the .01% of the time I get really really angry, full of fury, others know to respect me.

The tools

  1. and
  2. for podcasts
  3. YouTube channel
  4. Open source, offline, downloadable stuff
  5. for email newsletter. Why an email newsletter? The most direct way to reach somebody.

The future is websites. And the Internet.

Random stuff on my mind

  1. I believe that photography can be an insanely effective tool, in regards to diet health and fitness. For example, if you literally photographed every single thing you eat and drink, you would become more cognizant about what you put inside your body. Also, shooting better muscle selfie and flexes of yourself is good, as a positive motivator to improve your strength, physique, and also self-esteem.
  2. Always be in do not disturb mode. Honestly at this point, there is zero reason to own an android, Google pixel, or Samsung phone.
  3. I’m testing out the new MacBook Air M2 chip, and I am impressed by how buttery smooth it is. Yet, it seems like a step backwards from my iPad Pro M1 chip. Why? Honestly I think in today’s world you don’t really need a keyboard anymore. My best personal innovation and discovery is using the built-in Apple keyboard voice dictation feature. This is really the new killer function. Therefore, don’t get the new MacBook Air, if you want a new Apple device, just get a new iPad Pro 11 inch, M2 chip.

Share your flexes

If you want honest feedback and critique on your physique, and your muscles, upload your selfie flexing photos to




  1. Conquer Boston — March 25th, 2023
  2. Conquer Zen in HADONG SOUTH KOREA – June 19-23rd 2023

Experiences never die.



  1. Flex on all the other basic photographers: HENRI NECK STRAP MARK IV
  3. For the heavyweights: HENRI WRIST STRAP PRO


Where you begin, that is where you shall return


Sharing is caring, it can be fun!

If this sparked even one interesting idea with in yourself, feel free to forward it to a friend!


The point of life?

A good epiphany and turbo thought recently:

Perhaps the point of life is to use your life, human metabolism and physiology to innovate, advanced, create knowledge and share, in order to help advance the human race!


What is the best car?

Real men drive Hyundai Sonatas!

Also, currently the most interesting car on the market is the Hyundai ELANTRA N.

Porsche 911 cars, even the 911 GT3 RS is for losers.

Maybe if you have the money, and you love Porsche, just get the 911 Dakar instead.

Tesla thoughts?

Right now looks like a good time to go all in on the Tesla stock. News is that the cybertruck will come out this summer, which will totally dominate the whole truck industry; consider how much money people spend on the Ford F150 cars, the Ford raptors, etc.

Also some thing that my brother-in-law Gabe told me which was really interesting is that we shouldn’t think of Tesla as a car company, but rather, an artificial intelligence and data company. It seems that the Tesla auto pilot technology is still at least 1000 times better than any of their competitors.

Also, it seems that the whole Overlanding movement is a substantive one. Imagine all of these tech nerds and rich Silicon Valley single guys who will buy a cyber truck, get a star link, and just live off the grid.

More to come

Stay tuned on the EK BLOG — every time you bookmark it, and refresh it, I can guarantee you that you’ll see something new.