Dear friend, if you desire to become fearless in street photography and life, I cordially invite you to my epic Boston CONQUER YOUR FEARS IN STREET PHOTOGRAPHY Workshop 2023 (March 25th, 2023, Saturday).

Fear is your friend

The purpose of this workshop is for you to conquer your fears in street photography. For you to conquer paralysis by analysis, and also, conquer hesitation. That is the ideal state of you as a Street Photographer is whenever you see something you want to photograph, you just shoot it without thinking.

Or, if you find somebody you’re interested in, to approach them and ask to make a portrait of them, and also learning practical strategies and techniques how to engage with the person, and even how to deal with rejection.


My ultimate goal is for you to thrive as a photographer, a street photographer, and as a creative artist. For you to break outside of the box, and to think radically new For you to channel your own inner confidence and courage to make something beautiful.

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I want you to become insanely courageous

I can personally guarantee you that after this workshop, you’ll probably be at least 1000x more courageous and confident than you were before. Why? I will push you very far outside of your comfort zone, and also note that this is my specialty. That for me, courage is everything.

Seoul Street portrait Eric Kim girl face mask

What will you focus on in this workshop?

  1. Practical strategies on how to conquer paralysis by analysis. How to turn off your brain before shooting a street photo.
  2. How to channel fear into enthusiasm. Reinterpreting fear in a productive way.
  3. How to approach an engage a stranger to make a portrait of them, and if they say yes, how to direct and guide them.
  4. How to deal with social awkwardness, practical lines and phrases to give you more confidence.
  5. Practical and philosophical thoughts on the ethics of street photography. For us to create our own new code of ethics in the context of street photography.
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So what the hell are you waiting for?

Downtown la Korean girl portrait

Seize your faith and your future. I am 100% certain that you’ll have such a phenomenal and transformative experience that if after the workshop you do not feel totally transformed, I will offer you 100% of your money back. Why? My soul and my pride. If you don’t feel like you’ve had the experience of a lifetime, I don’t want your money. I want you to become all you can become.

Thus, this workshop is really all upside, no downside:

Downtown LA, 2014

Secure your future

Tuition: 1500 USD (799USD early-bird discount before March 2nd, 2023):

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Normal tuition portal: 1500 USD on PayPal here

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How do I know if my spot is secure?

Once you have submitted your tuition for the workshop, your spot in the workshop is 100% secure. A few days prior to the workshop, you’ll get a personal email for me with additional information on what to prepare in the context of creative thoughts to have.

Your day of conquering

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  • Date: Confirmed: March 25th, 2023 (Saturday). A previous post incorrectly wrote it as March 15th (sorry for the typo!)
  • Time: 11am-4pm
  • Location: George Howell Coffee inside the Boston Public Market. (Public Market, 100 Hanover St, Boston, MA).
  • Parking: You could just park at the Haymarket garage right next-door (136 Blackstone St, Boston, MA).
  • What to bring: Your camera, a warm down jacket, and your excitement and enthusiasm!

Insanely excited to have you!


Conquer Boston

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Normal tuition 1500 USD here, early-bird discount of only 799 USD here.