Life after Riches

Once you’re rich, then what?

It seems that a lot of people only want to become rich, as a means to financial independence, which means not having to work for a living. Also, the desire for location independence.

But the funny thing is that now that Covid has hit, location independence becomes overrated. Why? We can no longer travel with unlimited borders. Therefore, in terms of location, we tend to just stay in one spot.

And I think a lot of people desire financial independence as a means to more entertainment. I don’t know about you, but I think that a lot of people aspire to become more artistic and creative after financial independence, but in reality, after financial independence they become lazy, unmotivated, lost, and more passive. They spend more time playing video games, watching Netflix, and other forms of entertainment.

I cannot speak for you, but if I speak for myself, I see life after riches as a means to greater focus and productivity for my passion, which is blogging, photography, entrepreneurship, philosophy, design, and art.