The Philosophy of Photography Aesthetics

What is beauty for you in photography?

Some thing I am very interested in: the aesthetics of photography. That is, however you create your artistic and aesthetic vision, is a reflection of your worldview, and your aesthetic values.

The aesthetics I love

For me, black and white is infinitely interesting. Just when we thought we have innovated everything in black-and-white, we have not.

For example, one of my aesthetic innovations is the as dark as possible notion. The darker, the more beautiful.

Wabi sabi aesthetics

Something else I’m interested in, is wabi sabi aesthetics. That is— the more you use something, and the more imperfections it has, the more beautiful it is.

The grittier, the grainier, the better.

Grit is beautiful, so is grain. Rather than striving to make clean and “perfect” photos— patina wear and tear is more beautiful.

Uncultivating your own notion of beautiful

Heraclitus once said that even the most beautiful ape is considered ugly by humans. Also, one philosopher said that every nation considers their own self image their God. For example, in Nordic regions, they imagine their gods to have red hair. And also those from Ethiopia consider their own gods to have darker skin. This means that your notion of beautiful is highly personal to you.