Patina— wear and tear, and “improvement” of aesthetics through use, wear, tear, the effects of time as beautiful!

Beauty in wear and tear

For example patina in:

  1. Wrinkles
  2. Changing color of bronze, brass, denim, leather, and other materials.
  3. The beautiful cracks in a bowl or teacup (kinsiguri— Japanese art of highlighting imperfections with golden glue).

In photography, patina is:

  1. Grit and grain in photos (either digital grain in post processing, or in film grain).
  2. “False”colors

Patina is beautiful

Perhaps changing the ethos and mode of thinking:

  1. Anti perfection in photography — delight in “beautiful mistakes”, scratches, light leaks, etc. Innovation in iPhone “Calla” app which simulates film beautiful imperfections and randomness/chance.
  2. Photography as expressing your emotions and feelings through the aesthetic you adopt.