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Focus on Yourself

My new goal for myself: striving to make myself limitless.


Something I’ve learned about life: you have the most power and independence, when you only rely on yourself. In order to become more efficient, and economical, don’t waste your energy trying to motivate others, just motivate yourself to the maximum.

Things to focus on

Things I am curious about:

  1. How to motivate myself to the maximum
  2. How to become those strongest, and the most buff version of myself
  3. How to elevate my mind and thinking to the greatest height
  4. How to become less distracted, and more focused.
  5. How to increase my physiological energy and testosterone and manliness during the day.

Why serve yourself?

Perhaps in life, you yourself are the greatest experiment. You will never reject yourself. You can always obey yourself and do whatever you desire to do for yourself.

Experimental ideas

Experimentation with coffee intake, in terms of how much coffee to drink, and when to stop drinking coffee.

Experimenting with napping, how long to nap, and how frequently.

Experimentation with sleeping conditions, in order to maximize my sleep. Experimentation with how many blankets to sleep with at night.

Experimentation with other beverages, like green tea, or cacao powder.

Experimenting with meat intake: how much meat can I consume at night?

Experimenting with walking range: how many steps can I walk in a day? 30,000, 40,000, more?